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Bee App coming! And Pollinator Webinar coming!

Features 6/24 4:58A Liz Berry
In keeping with National Pollinator Week (June 19-25) I thought this rainy morning that I would write about two related developments:  The creation of a Bee App by the Center for Food Safety that is...

Burleson Aquaponics Farm Gains 'Naturally Grown' Certification

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/22 5:57A Adrienne Cohen
DFW Aquaponics Farms, LLC, with headquarters in Burleson, has become the first Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) aquaponics farm in Texas. The farm is only the 10 th aquaponics grower in the United...

North Oak Cliff

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/22 5:00A Bernice Butler
The Connected Communities of West Jefferson and West Davis by Amy Martin Natural Awakenings DFW Edition and GreenSourceDFW.org are partnering in a new series called Green Neighborhoods. Over the coming months, we will be exploring the...

Flamingle in Garland Texas on National Pink Flamingo Day!

Features 6/22 2:56A Liz Berry
Don Featherstone and wife Photo courtesy Plastics News Pink Flamingo Day was declared in 2007 by Dean Mazzaralla, the mayor of Leominster, MA to honor the work of Don Featherstone, creator of the...


Features 6/21 5:36A Liz Berry
Ten years ago the U.S. Senates unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as National Pollinator Week marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator...

Sharing the Bounty from the Garden

Features 6/20 5:49P Liz Berry
Organic Carrots (8 pounds 14 ounces $12.78) from my garden and Organic Cherry Tomatoes from Charlies garden (1 pound $4.05) and five sprigs of fresh organic rosemary from my garden (not shown) $3.00...

Wellness, Yoga and Entertainment at Holistic Festival in Plano

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/18 2:00P Bernice Butler
The fifth Holistic Festival of Life will be held June 25 at the Plano Center for those seeking spiritual, health, mental clarity and physical well-being. The unique expo features highly skilled...

Do Just One Thing for Clean Air Action Day

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/16 10:00A Bernice Butler
On June 23, Clean Air Action Day, individuals have the opportunity to commit to clean air actions and share how they will lend a hand with our community. As the temperature rises, air quality...

Local Is an Important Habitat

Features 6/15 7:00A Liz Berry
Cucumbers, peppers. squash, mint, kale, blackberries, parsley, beans and eggplant from the Garland Community Garden delivered to the Garland Good Samaritans June 14, 2017. Photo Pam Swendig, Director...

Dealing with Pain Need Not Be Inevitable

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/13 2:00P Bernice Butler
Metroplex Practitioners Cite Best Practices Pain is a fact of life; its an evolutionary trait. Without it, the caveman might not have pulled his hand from the fire. Pain prohibits us from walking on a...

Hey, Gen-X-ers, step back into the 1990s with the return of Zima

Fort Worth Star Telegram 6/12 10:44A By Matthew Martinez mmartinez@
An abundance of 1990s nostalgia and a newfound zest in the flavored malt beverage market are coinciding this summer to bring Zima, that’s right, Zima back to DFW big-box beverage Click to Continue

Change Your Yard and Change the World

Features 6/11 5:34P Liz Berry
Bumblebee:  Friend of the Corn, Human Beings and other Native Bees Im thrilled there are so many bumblebees and native bees swarming around our corn patch.  Yesterday I also saw several metallic green...

Ears of Corn at the Garden

Features 6/9 2:50A Liz Berry
Two ears of Aztec Black corn on one stalk:  Initially the ears of corn appear to be all silken hairs coming out of a tightly curled leaf.  The silk is important, as it is the female part of the plant...

Easy Tips for Auto Safety and Green Economy

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/8 7:00A Bernice Butler
Whether its upping our recycling efforts, switching to paperless billing statements or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, improving our environmental impact can be inspiring. Vehicles...
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