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9/20/2015 Looking on the Bright Side
I hope you enjoyed the story of the farm cats . I’m sure enjoying having these 3 little rascals around my office, but soon they should be all cleared by the vet...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm
9/7/2015 CSA and the Future of Small, Local Farms
On My Soapbox It’s Fall CSA Share sign up time, for many farms , including mine here in southeast Dallas County. That means I’m on my soapbox. So, kick off...
Eden's Garden CSA Farm
1/9/2015 Life on the Farm - Back to the Ground II
Last post I mentioned that I’d share some gardening tips with you. Since I started gardening back in the 80’s, a lot of new things have come to market, but for...
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10/6/2014 Press Release - Farmer Marie, aka Eden’s Gardener, is wearing yet another hat!
Contact: Marie Tedei 214-348-3336 For Immediate Release Are you kidding me? Farmer Marie, aka Eden’s Gardener, is wearing yet another hat!...
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10/5/2014 Make It Happen - For Compost
A little over a week ago, I dove head first into unchartered territory and began this farm’s first venture in crowdfunding by way of Indiegogo , in order to...
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3/5/2011 RE: Eden's Garden CSA Farm
Watch your inbox for details on pre-ordering for March's market pick up day, March 12th. Market Days start back up April 2nd!
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