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Update on Rescued Monarch


This is now.                                                   That was then.

All that remains  of the tropical milkweed I provided for the Monarch caterpillar to munch on are two leaves. I've read several places that if you water the plant and put it back into the sunlight that it will recover.  We shall see.  The photo on the right shows what the plant looked like before I put it in the mesh laundry basket habitat.



 That was then.                                                 This is now.

 I am a poor record keeper/scientist.  I do know the caterpillar was rescued five days ago .  I do know that it was a caterpillar on Monday, but as to the exact time the caterpillar made his pupa (chrysalis) I am not certain so I'll have to guess at the date this Monarch will eclose as between October 13 and October 15.  The pupa stage of the Monarch's lifecycle last from 9 to 14 days.



Wednesday, September 30, 2015