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And the Garland Texas 2017 Monarch Stories Begin!

We just got the sign up yesterday and already there are stories to be told.  Here are two for today—July 27, 2017/



The Hungry Caterpillars pose for Garland Nature Photographer, Kala King a.k.a.  Monarch Rescuer  – July 27, 2017 Garland, Texas

Kala sent me an email after I sent her my recent post about the Monarch face board down at the garden.  Kala told me the Monarchs have already arrived.  It was funny because today at different times in the Garden both Jane and I thought we sighted a Monarch flitting around, but neither of us could get close enough to confirm it.

Kala, however, as you can see from the photo above, has the unequivocal proof of their presence in our area.

Kala’s nature photography is breathtaking.  Visit her work at

Kala found a photo of the mother of the two caterpillars above.

Later this evening after I returned from weeding in the garden, I had the following email from Kala:

 “I went thru all the photos I took in July.  I had not processed any of them yet.  I had forgotten that on July 14 I saw my first monarch and photographed it thru my window.  It was not laying eggs but was feeding on my butterfly bush.  The milkweed was nearby.  I took a couple of shots and forgot about it.  But as you see here, it was indeed a female and my guess is that after it satisfied its hunger, it then laid eggs.  The time fits, it was a few days later that I found the babies. “

Here is Kala's lovely photo of the mother:


"Momma" - Female butterfly - Photo by Kala King.  Taken through her window on July 14, 2017 - Garland, Texas.



Robert Smith, Councilman 8th District of Garland, and his family create a Monarch Post Card from the Garden for Mayor Athas - Garland Community Garden - July 27, 2017

I’m so glad I didn’t miss this.  Robert, his wife and young daughter stopped by the garden at dusk.  They took turns taking each other’s photo as Monarchs.   It is very heartening to see the enthusiasm of Garland leaders for our pollinators and urban agriculture.  Mr. Smith and his family, like many Garland residents, are urban farmers.


Friday, July 28, 2017