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Summer Fun in the Garland Community Garden

A New Sign is Added to the Garland Community Garden.  The smaller sign at the right was added yesterday.  It identifies the garden and surrounding area as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.  We obtained our certification about two months ago.

 Charlie and I posted the sign last night with the assistance of two small helpers, Erin and Jack.  Again kids love gardens.  If you don't have a garden to share with the kids in your life, bring them down to the Garland Community Garden and let them run amok.  No one enjoys the freedom and mysteries of the garden quite as well as children.  We have lots of shade trees too.


Speaking of kids and gardens--at the Garland Community Garden you can never know who will drop in while you are there.  For example, Robert Opel, one of the members of Loving Garland Green happened to stop by when we were down there last night.  He had three ears of corn with him and pointed out to the children that you don't have to cook corn.  You can just shuck it and eat it.  Erin was not only game to try it, she shucked an ear and ate the entire thing.


Speaking of Robert . . .

Robert and Anita with tin butterflies cut from license plates.  

On Tuesday Robert and Anita were down at the garden to water and pull a few weeds.  They brought with them two butterflies and a flower made by a local artist to donate to our butterfly garden in front.   

Anita Opel watering at the Garland Community Garden - June 21, 2016

And speaking of members of Loving Garland Green . . .

It's our members who work so hard to make sure the garden is a fun and interesting place to visit.  For example, on Sunday Chris watered the garden, on Monday of this week Burgi and Marie watered the plants, on Tuesday it was Robert and Anita, on Wednesday it was Jane.  Also on Wednesday Gene Rodgers mowed.  Cheryl was down pulling grass this week too.

If you want to join the fun, join us all on Saturday when we have a community work morning from 8AM to Noon--doing all kinds of things to get the garden in shape.  If you can't make this Saturday, attend our monthly speakers meeting.  For June, it's at the Garland downtown public library on Austin Street, Monday June 25 from 6:30 to 7:30.  The topic is "Can I eat that?"  It will be presented by a member of the Dallas County Master Gardeners.


MORE GARLAND GARDEN NEWS!  Charlie is Growing Large Tomatoes this year!

Below is a one-pound tomato he picked this morning.  Just this morning Charlie picked 14 1/2 pounds of tomatoes.  To date for this season he has picked 54 pounds of tomatoes!

Altogether this growing season Charlie's garden has produced 78 pounds of produce.



 What do you do when you find a tomato that looks like this?






Thursday, June 23, 2016