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LGG Big Fundraiser Sale in Garland Saturday October 6

Loving Garland Green is having our year-end fundraising Yard Sale! 

9 AM TO 3PM 269 Bellwood Drive Garland, Texas 75040

Hope to see you there AND you can buy stuff now--ahead of the sale.

We all know that yard sales are places where items are sold at huge bargains—pennies to the actual dollar value.  Since folks have donated such great stuff this year, we’ve decided to aim our profit margins at “quarters to the dollar” value before the yard sale.

The following are a few of the items we’ve listed so far on Craig’s List. 

If you see something you want to buy, call or text 972-571-4497.  If it’s not sold we can arrange for you to come by and purchase it before the sale.  We’ll update this site throughout the week as new things are added and others are sold.  Already we have sold three items for a total of $340.

Note:  We don’t mail. Our customers must call the number above and make arrangements to pick up.  In rare cases we might deliver locally.


This is only the tip of the iceberg of our offerings.  I’ll post more tomorrow on the Loving Garland Green site and probably Monday too so keep coming back. All the proceeds from our sale go to support Loving Garland Green, a local nonprofit organization and the official stewards of the Garland Community Garden.


 Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware

We have several selections of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware for sale.  All sets are in like new condition.  You can see photos of these dishes at the Pfaltzgraff website and also compare prices while you are there.

  • 12 place settings in like new condition of their Christmas Heirloom Dinnerware for $100
  • Four 10-inch dinner plates in their Folk Art design for $20
  • Four10-inch Dinner plates in Napoli design $10
  • Two 10-inch dinner plates in their Yorktowne design $5
  • Four 8-inch dessert plates from their Holiday Spice collection $5


 Vintage, Antiques, Collectibles and the Unusual

Excellent Condition - Whether you use them to make chocolate candies or as decorative art, these two pieces are lovely all by themselves as little works of art.  Sorry to say but we don’t have any details on their history.  Today most molds for candy are made from silicone.  However research on the Internet revealed a tin 8-inch vintage similar bunny chocolate mold for sale for $134



Antique Tin Tray $20

A touch of Americana - A very very old handmade (8 x 9 inches) tin tray - It’s still in such lovely sturdy shape that it could still be used to carry things but I think it would be better served as a piece of art hung on the wall.  Someone made this years and years ago.  To me I would guess it was made during the Great Depression. The design was made by punching holes in the tin—likely with a hammer and nail.  You can have it for $20 if you are the first to call.  Who knows?  Perhaps it’s older than I think and George Washington made this. You can tell people that if you want to but you didn't hear that advice from me!



Little Cat Ceramic Tea Pot – The top of the chair lifts off and the pot holds exactly one cup so it is functional.  If you have a friend who drinks tea and loves cats, this is the perfect gift because they are almost sure to not have one and most cat lovers like all cat things.  $10.  Perfect condition.  No nicks or chips.



The Turkey Deviled Egg Ceramic Holder

This is another piece that makes me smile—a great conversation piece for your Thanksgiving table perhaps.  You can put 12 whole boiled eggs around the turkey or six deviled eggs cut in half.  The turkey is the lid to a little bowl in the center.  I don’t know what you put in the little bowl as my family never dipped their eggs, boiled or deviled into any kind of a sauce.  An edge of the lid has been mended, but very well as I didn’t notice the first time I examined this piece.  It’s yours for $5.


 Antique Royal Bavarian chocolate/coffee/ teapot - $20





Set of four fun Fish plates – like new condition   $10 - Perfect for Sushi or sandwich plates.  11 x 8 inches - Mint condition.  Not scratched.  


Set of six beautiful 10- inch crystal dinner plates $15  Tree motif These plates are works of art.  Isn’t it lovely!  You deserve these plates.  Mint condition.  Not scratched.  We also have four 7.5-inch dessert/salad plates in the same pattern for $10.


Set of 24 exquisite molded glass dessert plates 7.5 inches Abstract Floral Design

Notice how the design of the petals extends beyond the edge of the plate.  I especially like these because of the little lip on the edge making it the ideal plate for cake and ice cream thus ending the dilemma of serving cake and ice cream in a bowl or on a plate where guest will get ice cream on your sofa or chairs.  Sold in sets of 12.  Each set is $10. Mint condition, not scratched



Nothing shouts elegance like a Texas-sized pair of crystal salt and pepper shakers with sterling silver tops. (6.5 inches high with a 3-inch diameter base)  Purchase this pair and make a statement on your holiday table this year.  Only $10

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