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Getting the Most Out of Your Charity Yard Sale

More lessons for my friends on getting the most out of your favorite Charity Yard Sale:

It is definitely worth it to take a few days beforehand and use the Internet to assess the value of your donations.  With access to the Internet, you don’t have to be a professional dealer to at least get a ballpark figure regarding the value of items that have been donated.

As an example, I have pulled out and listed special items I found that have a total value of $1,030.  I doubt that we would be able to earn any more than $300 from this list at a yard sale.  We likely will not get the full $1,030 from this listing but I fully expect at least $800.

Of course Loving Garland Green has many more great items we will be offering at our yard sale on October 6—all with the dirt-cheap value that is typical of expectations of yard sale shoppers.  We’ve reserved Craig’s List for advertising only the special items.



Craig’s List only allows one posting per category every 48 hours.  Thus you need to group your items before listing.  Write the copy for each item and determine its price.  Use your cell phone to take a photo.  Then determine what category you want the item to go in.  Once you have all your items written up, photos taken and category designated then go to Craig’s list to upload as “owner”.  Creating an account is easy and free for owners.

Note:  The Bavarian teapot and the Oxford china were listings I created before I was aware of the rule that owners can only post once to a category every 48 hours.

The others are examples of how to list multiple items for one post in a category.  For the price, I usually post the sum total for all items listed.  Then in the introduction to my copy I say:  “If you get here first and you want all these items, you can have them for $OOO.  Otherwise, they are individually priced along with their descriptions as follows:


Posted in Category:  Household





Posted in Category Antique   

OXFORD BONE CHINA SET - $200 (posted before I knew better)


ROYAL BAVARIAN CHOCOLATE/COFFEE TEAPOT $30 (posted before I knew better)


MANY GREAT ANTIQUES FOR YOU - $335 (after I learned my lesson)


Category Collectibles (after I learned my lesson)



Monday, October 1, 2018