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Keep Track of What You Grow


Get a ballpark figure for the potential market value of what you can grow in the space available to you.    But keep in mind that some things like digging delicious winter carrots in December are just one of many gifts of gardening that are priceless.


Another Urban Garden is a program that Loving Garland Green is currently developing to support our goal of increasing the number of urban gardens in Garland. Record-keeping is an important part of this program for a number of reasons:  First of all, by writing it down, the urban gardener can reflect better on what worked and what didn't in their garden.  Then next year, they can plan better.  I've found that what grows in a friend's garden who lives only a few houses away will not necessarily grow in my garden.  This is another reason why I value seed saving.  In my garden, this year's okra, marigolds, cantaloupe, and tomato seeds will all come from plants that I successfully grew in my garden in 2013.


Thursday, January 23, 2014