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North Texas has experienced an impressive increase in the number of food trucks traveling the highways and roads serving unique foods from grilled lamb, gourmet cupcakes to chopped liver. More cities like Arlington, Richardson, Frisco and Dallas are embracing the trend and opening up special "mobile" parks and recreation sites to meet the demand. At last count there were over 44 privately owned food trucks in Dallas, alone. However, less than 1% of the active and operating trucks are fully 100% plant-based, vegan or vegetarian.

Research shows more carnivores are interested in purchasing and eating more healthy food options at retail and mobile locations. A local Dallas Farmers Market startup pop-up kitchen, Soulgood, is building its organic vegan and vegetarian fast food truck. The company, owned by Integrality, LLC, has launched a public campaign to crowdfund the capital needed to finish the project. The company has spent two years operating as a temporary vendor in The Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market and collecting feedback from patrons who express a growing demand for more plant-based options and mobility.

The company just completed a market analysis project with graduate Accounting students from the University of Texas Dallas with rave reviews for their work in the community, business model and plans for expansion and growth. Soulgood expects to launch the new vegan food truck this Fall after raising $6,000 to finalize the mobile kitchen equipment installations.

Soulgood is a vegetarian and vegan fast food pop-up restaurant which serves healthy organic vegan and vegetarian fast foods using locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. The company's mission is to save the planet, people and animals by serving foods with integrity and no regret.

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