Real food, real flavor, real wholesomeness – that’s our core philosophy. Culinary quality with peace of mind - It is simply the best for you and your family.

We produce the highest-quality 100% grass-fed beef, raised naturally on lush pastures right here in North Texas. Our family works to make this very special beef available to our friends, a local gourmet restaurant and hopefully to your family.

We ONLY offer foods that meet our strict core philosophy. That means raised in a sustainable manner and in the most natural setting – on pasture – in the open air and sunshine – and NEVER with the use of growth promotants (hormones) or any other artificial circumstance. All the meats are cut and packaged here at The Burgundy Boucherie – with the USDA stamp of approval.

And, we use the time-honored tradition of Dry-Aging for a brown roasted beefy flavor.

We offer a full selection of beef cuts for both everyday meals and special occasions. From thick juicy steaks and gourmet ground beef to an incredible variety of roasting and braising cuts. And if we don’t have it – we can cut it special just for you! Just liken us to the full-service butcher of yesteryear – and at family friendly prices.
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