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The first virtual nature reserve... Wild at Home launches 9/21

360° Immersive Videos by Wild Immersion on Bring the Beauty of Africa, the Amazon, and Asia to Your Device


EarthXR, the interactive arm of EarthxFilm, is partnering with Wild Immersion, endorsed by Jane Goodall, for the launch of Wild at Home September 21 to kickoff Climate Week. Wild at Home, the first virtual nature reserve, will include a selection of 360° immersive videos that help viewers explore Africa, the Amazon, and Asia from their smartphone, tablet, or VR headset without ever leaving home.

“We’re delighted to partner with Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall to present Wild at Home,” said Tiffany Kieran, director of XR Programming + Partnerships for EarthXR. “Wild Immersion has harnessed emerging technologies to inspire wonder through stunning encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats for viewers at home or in the classroom, helping to deepen our connection with both ourselves and nature, and expanding our empathy and passion to protect living creatures.”

Wild at Home is both entertaining and ideal for virtual learning curriculum, and will debut with  two-part experiences of:

Africa – bringing the African savannah to the viewer with close up views of flamingos, zebras, and more of Africa’s most iconic species, including a journey with a herd of elephants and time with a tower of grazing giraffes.

Asia – taking viewers on an unforgettable journey through the varied landscapes and climates of the Eastern world, including a welcome by a family of Sri Lankan animal friends and a jump to Australia to meet koalas, seals, and other endearing wildlife.

Amazon – diving into the heart of the Amazon rainforests to explore the rich diversity of animal species from sloths to jaguars, experience lush landscapes and learn about the threats the inhabitants of the rainforests face.

“While the world is asked to stay home to protect humanity, animals are still in a very endangered state,” said Grégoire Moisson, chief executive officer of Wild Immersion. “Our urgency, next to that of our own safety, is to protect biodiversity, which is both a tremendous gift from our Mother Earth and an important component of our global life cycle. Wild at Home proposes to educate audiences in the safety of their homes on the threats that our animals and their habitats face, so everyone can become part of a global solution to preserve our life on earth.”

Wild at Home experiences will be available beginning Monday, September 21, in time for educators to incorporate the programming into environmental lessons for Climate Week. Experiences can be viewed on any device using the following directions:

  • Go to to start the experience.
  • Click on the videos to start the show.
  • If using an iOS telephone or tablet, activate the « gyroscope » when prompted. The device will guide the user through the two-step process allowing the movies to be seen in 360°.
  • Move the phone/tablet all around to discover the wild like never before.
  • If on a PC, the video will follow the mouse after the user clicks on the movie.
  • Follow EarthX and EarthxFilm social media and newsletters for additional media elements.

 “We initially planned to unveil the North American debut of Wild Immersion’s virtual wildlife reserves at our year-round immersive experiential installation in Dallas along with EarthX’s 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day, but COVID had different plans for all of us,” added Kieran. “Until we can be together again, we’re thrilled that we could find a way to still offer these fascinating views and impactful messages about the importance of caring for nature through Wild at Home.”

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