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Promise of Peace (POP) Community Garden has started a Kickstarter project to help the non-profit move from its current space to an underutilized parking lot.  According to the description on Kickstarter:

“The current space is a dirt and cement lot which has been transformed into garden plots and an urban farm. However, rent is high and we want to do more than pay rent! At the new space, owned by White Rock United Methodist Church, we will transform an asphalt lot into a thriving community garden. The garden will be able to produce bountiful harvests of vegetables, fruits, and even fresh cut flowers.”

The campaign’s goal is $10,000 and it ends August 27. 

Promise of Peace “strives to connect the groups of neighborhoods in East Dallas through horticultural, environmental, and nutritional educational experiences. We are a community of compassionate, thoughtful child advocates who see gardening as a way to bridge many of the gaps that exist in our neighborhoods, schools, and lives.”

More info on the project is here. 

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