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Growing Garlic- 5 Reasons Why You Should

The Making of a Home 10/19 6:30A Holly K. Ross
Is it possible to have a favorite herb? Maybe, but I haven t been able to choose one yet. BUT, Garlic is definitely one herb I won t ever be without. How to grow garlic and five reasons you should. Five Reasons to Grow Garlic: Garlic is an...

5 Reasons Rosemary Should Grow In Your Garden

The Making of a Home 10/12 2:03P Holly K. Ross
What s your favorite herb? This is probably the question I am asked most often. I couldn t pick a favorite herb- possibly a Top 10 list, but never a favorite. Rosemary is an herb that would ALWAYS be on this list and very likely in the #1 spot. ...

Dividing Perennials- Now Is The Time

The Making of a Home 10/7 6:20A Holly K. Ross
Fall- the perfect time to divide perennials in the South. Fall is a great time of the year to thin out perennials that grew over the summer season. In the lives of perennials, there comes a time when division is needed. The plant has gotten too...

Lettuce Get Planting! How To Grow Lettuce In Texas

The Making of a Home 10/6 7:21A Holly K. Ross
Growing Lettuce in Texas and Varieties of Lettuce That Grow Well In The Heat Why Grow Lettuce There are some nasty rumors going around about lettuce.  I hear that it is really hard to grow with lots of insect problems.  It has also been said that...

Where To Eat In Galveston, Texas

The Making of a Home 10/5 4:47A Holly K. Ross
Miller s Seawall Grill- Where To Eat In Galveston! So, I want to tell you about my favorite restaurant in Galveston. But then again, I don’t. I like knowing the local spots and if any more people find out about this gem, then I will have to wait...

Leo’s Cajun Corner

The Making of a Home 10/1 6:44A Holly K. Ross
Where to eat in Galveston: Leo s Cajun Corner If you are looking for local eats with a Cajun flair- Leo’s Cajun Corner is the place! You know you are in the right kind of place when you pull up and you can see the smoker going and wood piled all...

Where To Eat In Galveston- Taquilo’s Tex-Mex Cantina

The Making of a Home 9/30 11:24P Holly K. Ross
Tex-Mex in Galveston is just as good as the seafood when you Eat Local. The Post Office district of the Strand is an eclectic mix of elegance, island vibes, excellent shopping, and even more excellent eats. Taquilo s is a fun Mexican cantina with...

Making A Hog Waterer From PVC Pipe

The Making of a Home 9/30 3:41P Holly K. Ross
PVC Pig Waterer DIY If you have ever had a pig on your place, then you know how much they love to wallow in mud. Pigs love it so much they will dump their drinking water over to enjoy the fun of wallowing. The problem- they have no water to...

Compliments To The Chef is FREE today!

The Making of a Home 9/28 9:20P Holly K. Ross
A free romance novel for you! Today is my birthday and I LOVE a day of reading. I thought you might like a free day of reading, too! Compliments to the Chef is free today and available on Amazon. Enjoy! Be sure to leave a review and share! You...

The Blessing of ADHD From An Adult Living Happily With It

The Making of a Home 9/20 5:54A Holly K. Ross
ADHD & Adulting So, I may have mentioned in previous posts that I have returned to college to finish that psych degree that I started 30 years ago. I am loving the classes and subject matter just as much as I did all those years ago. BUT, I am...
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