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Taking Ownership of Our Waterways

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/27 5:00A Bernice Butler
Rivers and lakes are vital features of our natural landscape, providing us with drinking water, recreation and natural beauty. Yet byproducts from our age of convenience such as excessive trash...

City of Plano Excels in Environmental Sustainability

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/24 4:00A Bernice Butler
For over a decade, the City of Plano has lived up to its City of Excellence motto by being consistently ranked among the most livable cities, not just in Texas, but also throughout the entire country....

DART Recipe for Livable Growth

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/21 8:00A Bernice Butler
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) mixes the ingredients that make a transit-oriented lifestyle possible, that is destinations accessible by light rail along with businesses and amenities. Over the past decade, much has changed in and near...

Kids Spend Summer Days in Nature

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/20 5:00A Bernice Butler
Summer Nature Center Discover Camps For kids from 10 to 14 years old at Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve. All camps are from 1 to 4 p.m., and there are camps available for younger kids. Four,...

Dallas to Houston Bullet Train Is Electric

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/19 7:00A Bernice Butler
The 200 mph Texas Bullet Train has completed its environmental impact assessment, and the way has now been cleared for the train to move ahead, linking the states two largest urban and economic...

New Food Scrap Pick-Up Service

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/17 8:00A Bernice Butler
Urban agricultural start-up Turn has launched a food waste pickup service for restaurants, businesses, special events and residents of Dallas, in zip codes 75204, 75206, 75214, 75218, 75228 and 75238....

Help Improve Air Quality on June 22

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/15 5:00A Bernice Butler
North Texans can come together to  do something extra to reduce ozone-causing pollution, as part of the ninth annual Clean Air Action Day on June 22. With more than 20 possible clean air choices,...

Hidden Nature Jewels Enhance Urban Livability

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/11 5:00A Bernice Butler
A spot of hidden City land along a stretch of the Trinity Rivers Elm Fork, in-between I-35E and Storey Lane, in northwest Dallas comprises acres of heavily wooded, boggy bottomlands located where...

Dallas Couples Modern Acupuncture Venture Is On Point

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/8 9:00A Bernice Butler
Wellness entrepreneurs Stephanie and Bruce McGovern enjoy bringing effective holistic therapies to the mainstream. As owners of franchise locations for Massage Envy and European Wax Center, they were...

A Win-Win for Carpoolers

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/7 5:00A Bernice Butler
Waze Carpool has introduced a pilot program to the Dallas-Fort Worth area allowing commuters to utilize Waze Carpool for a flat rate of $2. Waze will pay for the three-month pilot or up to $50,000 in monetary incentives, whichever comes first....

Top Five Bone Health Tips

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 6/4 5:00A Bernice Butler
Feed the Bones: Studies show that proper nutrition and supplementation can slow adult bone loss to .5 to 1 percent per year. Calcium (food-based is best,) adequate vitamin D levels, protein, magnesium...

All-New Health, Home and Garden Show

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 5/31 8:00A Bernice Butler
Organic plant, gardening and landscaping expert Howard Garret and his nationally syndicated radio program, The Dirt Doctor , are partnering with Martie Whittekin, host of The Healthy By Nature radio...

Irving is One of 10 Environmental Award Winners

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 5/29 5:00A Bernice Butler
Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) has recognized Irving as one of 10 winners of the 2018 Governors Community Achievement Awards (GCAA), one of the most coveted annual environmental and community improvement...

Could You Use a Date With Nature?

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 5/24 9:56A Stephanie Jennings
Spending time in nature is beneficial to our health in so many ways. You may have observed this, but also study after study tells us that time in nature can offer one of the most effective boosts to...

Dallas developer creating new downtown district

Dallas Business Journal 5/17 6:14A Korri Kezar
A Dallas-based real estate development private equity firm is spending a “substantive” amount to create a new district inside downtown Dallas. Todd Interests announced Thursday it will create the East Quarter, a 20-acre project encompassing...
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