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Cowboys Games Offer Healthy Dining Options

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 10/16 8:00A Bernice Butler
AT&T Stadium has an expanded vegetarian, healthy and innovative global cuisine menu  for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys NFL season. Organic produce is grown byWE Over Me Farm, at Paul Quinn College.   New...

State Fair Football Classics Transit Options

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 10/7 5:00A Bernice Butler
Big Saturday college football games are part of the run of the State Fair of Texas , which began in September  with the Southwest Airlines Classic between Prairie View A & M and Grambling State...

The Plano International Festival and Health Fair

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 10/4 9:00A Bernice Butler
The largest, longest-running event in North Texas celebrating cultures around the world, the 15th annual Plano International Festival is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., October 12, at Haggard Park. The...

The Humble and Fabulous Frittata

Life at the Table 10/3 12:30A Life At The Table
The Humble and Fabulous Frittata Do you have leftovers in your pantry that you’re wondering how to use up? Consider the frittata. The French have their omelet , an elegant and delightful folded or...

How Climate Change and Global Warming Affect Texas

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 10/2 3:00P Bernice Butler
Texans have been hearing for many years that our states climate is changing for the worse. According to an August 2016 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report, most of Texas has warmed between...

Sustainability Summit at Eastfield College

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 10/2 2:33P Bernice Butler
Last year, the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) began exploring the social justice aspects of sustainability by hosting several events designed to spark conversations and ideas among...

Seeing with New Eyes in the Kitchen

Life at the Table 10/1 12:30A Life At The Table
Seeing with New Eyes in the Kitchen The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average American household spends $7,729 on food each year. Of this total, $4,363 is spent on food at home. Fresh food like meat, dairy, and the all-important...

DFW Solar Tour

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 9/30 4:00A Bernice Butler
The 10th annual DFW Solar Tour will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 5, at a selection of innovative homes and buildings throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Thousands of visitors have...

Cowlitz River Salmon Marinade

Life at the Table 9/25 3:34A Chef Sandra Lewis, Life At The T
Cowlitz River Salmon Marinade Fishing, I’ve concluded, is a lot of doing nothing interspersed with moments of adrenaline rushes. My first and only salmon fishing experience began at 3:30 am for a...

Live Life in the Present at the Table

Life at the Table 9/23 3:04P Life At The Table
Live Life in the Present at the Table My great-grandparents lived in Old East Dallas in a small house with a big porch and a porch swing to match. After lunch on Sundays the adults would sit on the porch and yak. The house did not have any air...

The Most Delicious Weeknight Spaghetti Sauce

Life at the Table 9/19 2:59A Chef Sandra Lewis, Life At The T
The Most Delicious Weeknight Spaghetti Sauce When you think of Italian food, you immediately think of all things tomato. For starters you think tomato sauce, pizza, and bruschetta, which is toasted...

Finding the Single Rhythm of Life in the Kitchen

Life at the Table 9/18 4:13A Life At The Table
Finding the Single Rhythm of Life in the Kitchen When you’re young, single and constantly on the move, it can be difficult to find the time to stop and smell the roses. Hannah Clayton’s secret to staying grounded in the midst of her active,...

Cheesy Cornbread with Jalapeños

Life at the Table 9/12 12:30A Chef Sandra Lewis, Life At The T
Cheesy Cornbread with Jalapeños Why did the potato start an argument with the cornbread? It was an agi-tater. I’m not sure what the potato was arguing about, but there’s no argument from me when it...

Lime Rider Service Gives Back

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 9/10 11:00A Bernice Butler
Lime is a transportation service that empowers riders with affordable, sustainable shared transportation options that reach every neighborhood. By partnering with local communities to deploy fleets of...

How To Soothe Your Busy Life: COOK!

Life at the Table 9/10 12:30A Life At The Table
How To Soothe Your Busy Life: COOK! Does your life sound like this? Up before the sun. Collapse into bed way after dark and run like Usain Bolt in between? 8 in 10 Americans Feel Stress The inbetween is traffic. Appointments. Meetings. Deadlines....
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