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Talk About It! The Biggest Hurdle in a Marriage

The Making of a Home 11/23 5:00A Holly K. Ross
On this Marriage Monday, I want to talk about the biggest hurddle you have had to overcome in your marriage. For me and my love, it has been communication. I am betting, that this has been yours. Even...

The Power Is Yours

The Making of a Home 11/20 11:20A Holly K. Ross
Thank God! My healing, your healing is not in anyway dependent upon the one who did the wounding! Think about that a minute. Your healing is not in anyway dependent upon the one who did the wounding....

Galveston Island- A Place of Inspiration

The Making of a Home 11/18 11:53P Holly K. Ross
Twenty nine years ago, I started something and didn t finish it. I hate have something unfinished hanging out there. Because of Tony s encouragement and a word from God, I went back to school. At this...

My Leading Man

The Making of a Home 11/17 3:30P Holly K. Ross
Every writer has to have an inspiration, a muse, or archetype from which they draw. Because I am an incurable romantic, I write romance. In real life, I WANT everyone to get that happily ever after....

Ghost Stories in Galveston

The Making of a Home 11/14 1:44P Holly K. Ross
I m not one who believes in ghost stories. I most certainly believe in the supernatural. I m a particular fan of the Holy Ghost. But since I have moved to the coast, I have seen some creepy things. It s easy to see why ghost stories are so common...

Where To Eat In Galveston: The Black Pearl

The Making of a Home 11/12 11:38P Holly K. Ross
The Black Pearl Oyster Bar sits at the corner of 23rd Street and Market.   It also sits at the corner of delicious and amazing.  With seafood favorites and a Cajun Flair, there is no reason not to hit...

Herbs: An Overview

The Making of a Home 11/12 5:29A Holly K. Ross
When thinking of gardening, cooking, eating healthy, one cannot get away from the beauty and necessity of herbs. Regardless of your goal- to grow healthy food for you and your family, to attract...

Stem Cell Therapy Can Provide Surgery-Free Joint Recovery

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 11/11 6:50A Bernice Butler
While pain relievers might be needed at times for joint pain, they all have side effects, and none solve the problem that caused the pain. Drugs seek to interfere with pain perception one way or another by temporarily suppressing the symptoms....

A Marine For Christmas- Cover Reveal

The Making of a Home 11/11 12:33A Holly K. Ross
As I promised, this is the over reveal! Well, sort of- I have two covers and you get to vote on your favorite! #1 #2 Leave your choice in the comments!

Choosing and Planting Fruit Trees

The Making of a Home 11/10 5:25P Holly K. Ross
Fall is prime time for planting trees, shrubs, & roses. The heat of summer has passed and the cooler weather stimulates root growth. This root growth gives the plants a great start to the growing...

A Few of My Favorite Roses

The Making of a Home 11/10 5:16P Holly K. Ross
Roses are wonderful and everyone should have them in their gardens. Below are pictures of roses that are great for Texas. These Roses are easy to care for and are tolerant of our hot summers. All of...

Foundation Plantings For Shade

The Making of a Home 11/10 5:12P Holly K. Ross
For those of us with shady yards, gardening can be frustrating. For years I beat my head against a wall planting things that might make it. After I grew up and stopped trying to force the gardens to look like I thought they should and let the...

Do This One Thing To Make Your Marriage Stronger

The Making of a Home 11/9 3:56P Holly K. Ross
The one thing my husband tells our children and any other young person who askes is this, Move at least 3 hours from both sets of parents. I have to say I agree. Lest you think we hate our parents,...

Guaranteed Encouragement

The Making of a Home 11/6 2:18A Holly K. Ross
When my heart or my mind or my soul or all of the above are troubled, I remind myself of the promises made to my by the King of kings and the Lord God Almighty. Here s how I read this out loud (I like...

A Christmas Novella Coming Soon

The Making of a Home 11/4 2:45P Holly K. Ross
As you already know, I have been exploring the possibility of self-publishing. As I weighed the pros and cons and read many articles on the subject, I thought how it would be nice if I had a book to...
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