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Easy Weeknight Beef and Beer Stew

Life at the Table 1/16 11:25A Life At The Table
Easy Weeknight Beef and Beer Stew Sometimes it’s the simple flavors and preparations of food that are the most near and dear to our hearts. This is how I think and feel about Easy Weeknight Beef and...

Behold the Onion: Pretty Stinkin’ Popular

Life at the Table 1/14 3:21A Life At The Table
Behold the onion a bountiful bulb of delicious, versatile flavor.   It may not be the prettiest veggie in the garden, but this kitchen staple has layers and layers of history, culture and culinary significance. Peeling Back the Layers of Time The...

Auld Lang Syne: Not Just For New Year’s Eve

Life at the Table 12/31 7:09A Life At The Table
Auld Lang Syne: Not Just For New Year s Eve With the beginning of a new year, we often pause to reflect on the past year. What was, what could have been, but wasn’t. Origin and Meaning of Auld Lang Syne There is a sweetness in reflection.   On...

Gingerbread: Simple and Delicious

Life at the Table 12/30 9:31A Chef Sandra Lewis, Life At The T
Gingerbread: Simple and Delicious When you hear the word gingerbread what happens? Does your mouth water? Can you taste and smell the sweet, spicy notes of molasses, ginger and cinnamon? You also...

Gingerbread: A Delicious Legend and Lore

Life at the Table 12/17 3:45A Life At The Table
Gingerbread: A Delicious Legend and Lore “Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Gingerbread is the stuff of legends and lore. The Gingerbread Legend But before the gingerbread as we now know it came to be,...

Running While Jingling

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 12/15 6:00A Bernice Butler
The Dallas Generational Group Jingle Bell Run, attracting more than 4,000 participants a year, will take place on December 20 at the Hilton Anatole during their Christmas at the Anatole celebration. All proceeds benefit the Trinity Strand Trail...

Sweet Potato and Poblano Gratin

Life at the Table 12/11 11:30P Life At The Table
Sweet Potato and Poblano Gratin  Why did the sweet potato hesitate crossing the road? Because it saw a fork up ahead! It’s time to raise our forks in saluting this versatile and yummy offering when it...

Is That a Sweet Potato or Yam On Your Plate?

Life at the Table 12/10 2:41A Life At The Table
Is That a Sweet Potato or Yam On Your Plate? “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would be just as sweet.” When Shakespeare wrote this now-famous line from the classic play “Romeo and Juliet,” he probably wasn’t thinking...

Holidays At The Heard

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 12/8 7:00A Bernice Butler
Holidays at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary will bring the beauty of the holiday season into nature from 6:30 to 9 p.m., December 13 and 14. Festive lights and décor will accentuate a half-mile Heard nature trail with a...

New Village Experience At The Arboretum

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 12/6 5:00A Bernice Butler
The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden will debut a brand-new Christmas Village this year as part of Holiday at the Arboretum through December 31. Inspired by the European Christmas markets, or  Christkindlmarket , the Pauline and Austin...

Turkey, Pear, and Apple Salad

Life at the Table 12/5 1:45A Chef Sandra Lewis, Life At The T
Turkey, Pear, and Apple Salad Ready to be a hero in the kitchen? Start by stepping out of the green salad rut with a combination of mouthwatering foods you may not have considered before: turkey,...

Thats A Lot Of Lights

EatGreenDFW iPhone Reporter 12/4 1:00P Bernice Butler
The ninth annual Prairie Lights display, open through New Years Eve at Joe Pool Lake, in Lynn Creek Park, features 4 million lights set along two miles of pathway. Hundreds of all new displays line and arch over the roads. Halfway through the...

Make a Place for Pears at Your Table

Life at the Table 12/2 6:45P Life At The Table
Make a Place for Pears at Your Table December is National Pear Month , but here’s the good news: This delicious fruit is available year round in the grocery store and it’s time to make a place for them at your table today. Don’t Walk By! Pears...

Mission Possible: Pan-Roasted Broccoli Cream Soup

Life at the Table 11/21 3:08A Life At The Table
Mission Possible: Pan-Roasted Broccoli Cream Soup Mission Impossible was a popular TV series in the late 60s and early 70s about an elite covert operations unit. Instructions were delivered on a...

Vegetable Stock: Always a Good Investment

Life at the Table 11/19 4:04A Life At The Table
Vegetable Stock: Always a Good Investment In the kitchen, whether you are a conservative recipe follower, or more of a risk-taker, knowing how to make a basic vegetable stock is an important...
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