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What We Want to See More of in Dallas Dining for 2024

Eater Dallas 1/1 2:00A Courtney E. Smith
Eating locally was big on the wish list. | Kathy Tran What needs to change for the hospitality industry in 2024? Where is there room to grow? Some thoughts from the folks who know a lot about it As...

The Saddest Restaurant Closures in Dallas for 2023

Eater Dallas 12/27 2:15A Courtney E. Smith
Saying goodbye can be hard. | Junghyun Photo/Getty Images Restaurateurs, chefs, and food writers weigh in on the spots they’ll miss the most We lost some good spots in 2023. Some came back in new...

The Best and Most Annoying Food Trends in Dallas for 2023

Eater Dallas 12/26 2:15A Courtney E. Smith
Let us serve you omakase-style. | Tatsu Some great stuff happened this year. Some crap stuff happened too. And then there was an omakase explosion. There was a lot that our panel of experts loved in...

The Biggest Dallas Food News of 2023

Eater Dallas 12/22 2:15A Courtney E. Smith
It’s all about the hot dogs. The Portillo’s hot dogs. | Portillo’s Looking back on a year of wild lawsuits, chefs moving to town, and supreme croissants The past year was a wild ride for food and...
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