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The Best Dishes Eater Dallas Ate in April

Eater Dallas 4/30 3:30A Courtney E. Smith
This month brings a German hot dog, potato pizza, whole-hog dinner, and more The amount of excellent food available in Dallas is dizzying, yet mediocre meals somehow keep worming their way into our...

The 15 Top Tacos in Dallas

Eater Dallas 4/17 4:27A Courtney E. Smith
A little bit of everything delicious at Revolver Taco. | Kathy Tran Soft or crunch, meaty or veggie, here’s where to order up the best tacos in the Metroplex There are so many great spots to get them...

Even With a New Restaurant, John Tesar Can’t Stop Dwelling On the Past

Eater Dallas 4/3 3:00A Courtney E. Smith
Chef John Tesar | Samantha Marie Photography Knife Italian is open in the Ritz-Carlton Las Colinas John Tesar has been talking about Knife Italian since at least 2014 , when he said that would be his next restaurant. Since then, the outspoken...
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