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The Restaurants We’re Most Looking Forward to Eating at in 2023

Eater Dallas 1/2 3:00A Courtney E. Smith
Reunion Tower will welcome a new restaurant in 2023. | Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group/Getty Images News that Crown Block is coming to Reunion Tower turned a lot of heads Eater Dallas polled local chefs, journalists, and food...

The Best Dishes Eater Dallas Ate in December

Eater Dallas 12/30 3:00A Courtney E. Smith
The star pizza at Mister 01 is, in fact, a star dish. | Mister 01 Plates from El Carlos Elegante and Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza impressed The amount of excellent food available in Dallas is...

Saluting the Dallas Restaurants That Gave Back in 2022

Eater Dallas 12/30 3:00A Courtney E. Smith
The crew at Restaurant Beatrice upped the game for all of the Dallas food scene in sustainability. | Kathy Tran From sustainability measures to raising funs for foster kids and the Ukraine, these...

The Trends We Loved (and Hated) in Dallas Dining in 2022

Eater Dallas 12/29 3:00A Courtney E. Smith
Why order one plate of fish when you can order them all? | Carbones Dallas From the beauty of small plates to the glut of Italian places, there was a lot to love — and plenty to hate For every great...

What We Want to See More of in Dallas Dining in 2023

Eater Dallas 12/27 3:30A Courtney E. Smith
Dallas’s top food folk share their hopes for 2023. | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images Hopes for more neighborhood restaurants, supporting local famers and ranchers, and fascinating cocktails abound...

The Best Dishes Eater Dallas Ate in 2022, Mapped

Eater Dallas 12/20 3:30A Courtney E. Smith
The Texas redfish with harissa sauce at Roots Southern Table. | Kathy Tran From burgers to vegan gumbo to lemon cheesecake, there are some of the best bites of the year From month to month, the editor...

Where to Find Great Hanukkah Eats in Dallas

Eater Dallas 12/5 5:15A Rachel Pinn
The city’s best bets for latkes, sufganiyot, and more Hanukkah is not one of the Jewish holidays that restricts food. There’s no need to fast for 25 hours, cut out the bread, or limit vodka intake to...

Here Are 2022’s Eater Awards Winners for Dallas

Eater Dallas 12/1 4:30A Courtney E. Smith
Cocktail hour at Written by the Seasons. | Kathy Tran The best restaurant, chef, and decor of the year In 2022, the Dallas food scene jumped back into the swing of things after two difficult years of...

12 Essential Vegan Eateries Around Dallas

Eater Dallas 11/30 2:46A Courtney E. Smith
A General Tso plate at TLC Vegan Cafe in Richardson. | TLC Vegan Cafe Where to fuel up on veggie-based fare In the meat-loving South, eating vegan used to be a hassle. But these days, many vegan...
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