Food Issues

Dara Cooper Is Reclaiming Black Foodways

Civil Eats 7/2 11:00P Korsha Wilson
“Definitions are important because whoever gets to define a problem gets to define its solution,” says Dara Cooper, activist, organizer, writer, and co-founder of the National Black Food and Justice...

This is Our Moment to Zero in on the Farm Bill

Civil Eats 6/13 11:00P Earl Blumenauer
Health care, climate change, economic development, and jobs are some of the major issues at the heart of current American politics. And there’s major legislation making its way through Congress right now that impacts all of these areas and every...

Inside the Push to Bring Racial Equity to Land Grant Universities

Civil Eats 5/29 11:00P Nancy Matsumoto
An underdog campaign is being waged among America’s public and land grant universities to address their history of racism and to prioritize the issues of racial equity and food justice. The latest skirmish in this battle came after the publication...

Chicago is Leading the Way Toward a Good Food Future

Civil Eats 5/13 11:00P Kristine Sherred
When Leslie Fowler asked America’s largest chicken producers to increase their supply of antibiotic-free poultry, they gave her the Heisman hand ” and turned down the chief nutrition and facilities officer for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). But...

Trump Administration's New Orwellian GMO Labels Won't Actually Say 'GMO'

Alternet 5/10 8:30P Katherine Paul, Independent Medi
The proposed labels are a loss for consumer transparency. On August 1, 2016, then-President Obama  signed  a meaningless so-called mandatory GMO labeling law that, for all practical purposes, ended an intense four-year grassroots-led campaign for...

How the U.S. Military Played a Role in America's Obesity Crisis

Alternet 5/4 8:30P Daniel Ross, Independent Media I
Seventy percent of products found in a typical supermarket have origins in the military s food experiments. There’s no avoiding the debris of modern living on a trip to your local grocery store—rows and rows of foods and products that, if not...
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