Food Issues

In Search of a ‘Regenerative’ Thanksgiving Turkey

Civil Eats 11/22 9:00P Twilight Greenaway
On a sunny day in October, Heidi Diestel holds her iPad up to offer me a good look at a flock of pastured turkeys at Diestel Family Ranch . When they see her at the fence, the large, black-feathered...

Happy Meals Could Get Healthier Under a Proposed Maryland Law

Civil Eats 11/15 9:00P Gabriel Pietrorazio
The McDonald’s restaurants dotting Maryland’s Prince George’s County are take-out and drive-thru only, just as they are around the country, as part of national efforts to slow the uncontrolled spread...

Ranchers Form Co-Op to Address Meat Processing Bottleneck

Civil Eats 9/22 9:00P Hannah Ricker
Last week, just as the sun was peeking through the smoke-tinted morning light in Petaluma, California, Kevin Maloney loaded his cattle, sheep, and hogs onto his truck and headed north to Eureka. The...
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