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Young People Working for Food Justice in North Carolina

Civil Eats 11/22 9:01P Christina Cooke
A version of this article originally appeared in the October issue of the Deep Dish, our monthly newsletter for members. Become a member today to receive the next issue. Over a few weeks this fall, the youth involved in the Growing Change program...

Release: NSAC Publishes Comprehensive 2023 Farm Bill Platform

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 11/17 6:29A Laura Zaks
For Immediate Release Contact: Laura Zaks National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition  Release: NSAC Publishes Comprehensive 2023 Farm Bill Platform Coalition Agenda Envisions a More Equitable and Resilient Food...

‘I Was Coughing So Hard I Would Throw Up’

Civil Eats 11/14 9:00P Gosia Wozniacka
For hours every day, Angela Smith walked atop the concentrated excrement of thousands of pigs. As she tended to sows in the massive barns of an industrial hog facility north of her hometown of Canton,...

Does vitamin D give you energy?

Live Science 11/13 2:00A
Most of us know that vitamin D builds strong, healthy bones and teeth, and some of us know that it has other health benefits, from protecting against serious diseases to supporting our immune system ....

Seven benefits of vitamin D

Live Science 11/11 9:00A
The benefits of vitamin D have long been reported, but are you getting enough of this nutrient in your everyday diet for optimal health and wellbeing? Whether you opt for a daily dose of sunshine, a...
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