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GOP Lawmakers Move to Block New Animal Welfare Standards in Organic

Civil Eats 9/25 10:00P Lisa Held
Although most people assume that the federal organic standards dictate exactly how farm animals are raised, language in the standards has long left wiggle room on issues like how much space each animal is given and how “outdoor access” is...

What’s At Stake: Appropriations, Shutdown, and Farm Bill

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 9/22 5:36A Laura Zaks
Last week, both the House and Senate were back in session after more than a month of Congressional recess. As of posting, Congress has one week just 4 session days until the end of Fiscal Year (FY)...

Op-ed: 4 Solutions to Make Urban Ag Policies More Equitable

Civil Eats 9/20 10:00P Anthony Nicome
Every morning, Janet McDurly, a 60-year-old resident in South Seattle, Washington, walks half a mile to catch her bus to work. On her way, she routinely passes Jimi Hendrix Park, a 2.3-acre community...

Release: Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act Introduced in Both Houses

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 9/20 5:44A Laura Zaks
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Laura Zaks National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Tel. 347.563.6408 Release: Fresh Produce Procurement Reform Act Introduced in Both Houses Bill Would Increase Availability of...

California Leads the Way in Low-Carbon School Meals

Civil Eats 9/18 10:00P Naoki Nitta
In 2021, Josh Goddard came across some sobering news. That year’s United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report showed that globally, meat and dairy production is responsible for fueling nearly a third of human-caused...
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