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Farming is an Act of Social Justice at Woven Roots Farm

Civil Eats 8/11 10:00P Lise Metzger
The first community supported agriculture (CSA) pickup of the 2020 summer season at Woven Roots Farm in Tyringham, Massachusetts, was a joyous event. Pickup procedures were different, to be sure:...

Will COVID-19 Make Big Meat Look Like a Bad Investment?

Civil Eats 7/28 11:00P Lisa Held
Jeremy Coller would like to be remembered as a man who saved “a few cows from a factory farm.” But unlike animal rights activists who break into barns to document abusive practices or...

Op-ed: How Urban Agriculture Can Fight Racism in the Food System

Civil Eats 7/9 11:00P Karen Washington
This article was originally published by Bioneers , and is an edited excerpt of a presentation Washington made at a past Bioneers Conference. I live in a marginalized community in the Bronx in New York City. Out of 62 counties in New York State,...

Struggling Farmers Are Selling Midwest Hogs Ad Hoc and Online

Civil Eats 6/7 11:00P Lisa Held
In mid-May, an ad in the Northwest Livestock & Equipment Classifieds Facebook group featured a photo of four pink pigs huddled together in Junction City, Oregon. “Butcher ready pork from the Midwest. We are bringing them out to help keep them...
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