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Op-ed: Food Price Spikes Are About Much More than Ukraine

Civil Eats 5/15 10:00P Jennifer Clapp
Today, a new generation is facing mounting food insecurity sparked by the third food price crisis in 15 years. But this crisis is not caused by a lack of food. The issue is getting it to the people who need it, at a price that’s affordable. After...


National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 5/12 11:14A Billy Hackett
The Biden Administration announced proposals in recent weeks designed to boost production of wheat, soybeans, rice, and other major commodity crops to make up for lost global exports due to Russia’s...

What is collagen good for?

Live Science 5/11 10:08P
Collagen supplements seem to be taking the world by storm, but what is collagen actually good for? Collagen-enriched powders, drinks, tablets and functional foods boast multiple health benefits,...

Best protein bars {year}: Boost your energy on-the-go

Live Science 5/11 4:26A
With such a dizzying array of choices, finding the best protein bars can be an overwhelming task. Ideally, we would want a protein bar that’s tasty, inexpensive and beneficial for our health. In...

Is breakfast important?

Live Science 5/10 1:01A
Ah, breakfast. The greatest meal of the day — or so they say. But is breakfast actually all that important? For many of us, breakfast might be a quick slice of toast washed down with a large cup of...

Is protein good for weight loss?

Live Science 5/9 5:24A
While weight loss isn t always the goal when it comes to leading a balanced lifestyle, making a few changes to your diet can be a helpful way to lose weight healthily. But instead of following a fad...
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