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This Farm Bill Really Matters. We Explain Why.

Civil Eats 3/19 10:00P Lisa Held
A version of this article originally appeared in The Deep Dish, our members-only newsletter. Become a member today and get the next issue directly in your inbox. In Wichita, Kansas, Donna Pearson...


National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 3/15 6:04A grassrootsintern
Rally participants on their way to the Capitol . Photo credit: Paul Morigi, Getty Images With the 2023 Farm Bill reauthorization underway, action is necessary to ensure that the biggest piece of food...

Farmers March for Urgent Climate Action in DC

Civil Eats 3/8 10:00P Lisa Held
Agrarian movements in the U.S. are rooted in a storied history. Enslaved Black people who were forced to work in cotton and other fields revolted over 100 times between the 17th and 19th century ....

Release: Farmers and Advocates Rally and March for a Climate-Focused Farm Bill

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 3/7 12:48P Laura Zaks
For Immediate Release Contact: Laura Zaks National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition Release: Farmers and Advocates Rally and March for a Climate-Focused Farm Bill Washington, DC, Tuesday, March 7, 2023 — Today,...

A Look at the Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 3/3 3:11A Laura Zaks
The 2018 Farm Bill offered a variety of victories for NSAC’s priorities. It also elevated attention and support for the growing number of urban agriculture and small-scale innovative producers across...

Guest Post: Still Closed Out

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 3/2 5:17A Laura Zaks
Editor’s Note: This blog post is authored Michael Happ, Program Associate for Climate and Rural Communities at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, (IATP). ITAP is an NSAC member...
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