Food Issues

Are Some Animal Welfare Labels ‘Humanewashing’?

Civil Eats 1/18 9:00P Lisa Held
If you’ve bought meat or eggs in a grocery store recently, you’ve probably seen a wide range of labels promising improved treatment of farm animals. Many of these labels look similar and use the same...

Is Fonio the Ancient Grain of the Future?

Civil Eats 1/3 9:00P Lisa Held
Multinational corporations (and foundations) generally take one approach to agricultural development in Africa. They encourage farmers to grow high-yield varieties of crops—mostly corn—developed in...

Our Best Stories on the Food Security Crisis in 2020

Civil Eats 12/27 9:00P The Civil Eats Editors
Food is a basic need, but this year saw an astounding number of Americans lacking the ability to meet their basic nutrition requirements. Even before the pandemic, roughly 35 million Americans were...
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