Food Issues

The Race to Produce a Slower-Growing Chicken

Civil Eats 5/27 11:00P Gosia Wozniacka
On this Arkansas chicken farm, when the public tour starts at dawn, the doors to the chicken barns are closed to keep out night-time predators. Then, the doors are thrown open and there’s a rush of...

Has Our Food Become Safer in the Last 10 Years?

Civil Eats 5/12 11:00P Civil Eats
Listeria in smoked salmon , pieces of metal in chicken strips , undeclared allergens in frozen Chinese food and meatballs , E.coli in ground beef , and mold in corn used for animal feed . This is a...

Farmers of Color May Soon Get More Support in California

Civil Eats 5/5 11:00P Nadra Nittle
Abel Ruiz would like nothing more than to farm his own land, but he lacks the financial resources to make his dream a reality. Ruiz belongs to a Santa Ana, California farming cooperative called...

SNAP is Going Online. Will the Term ‘Food Desert’ Soon Be Obsolete?

Civil Eats 4/30 11:00P Nevin Cohen
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has just launched a pilot in New York State allowing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants to buy food online with their benefits. Amazon and ShopRite are the initial New York City...
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