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The Yellow Rose Dairy at 2700 Berry Rd. Forestburg TX 76239

A new Grade A Raw Milk Dairy is open for business at the Hudspeth Farm in Forestburg, Texas, just north of the Metroplex in Montague County.  The new dairy, called The Yellow Rose Dairy, milks Jersey Cows because of Jersey milk’s “richness and enhanced flavor,” according to fourth-generation farmer Dale Hudspeth.  “Jerseys have a higher percentage of a more digestible beta casein protein, along with higher milk solids and protein,” he added.

The Hudspeths feed their cows a non-GMO, non-soy diet with plenty of green grass which also adds health benefits.  The milk, which costs $5 a gallon, is not homogenized.  

Dale and his wife Linda operated a commercial dairy herd for some 24 years, before selling it in 2001 and turning their attention to grass-fed beef and pastured pork and chickens. They currently sell through Greenling, several food co-ops and farmers markets and provide their meat to Café 43 in the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the Asador Restaurant.

Their meat and poultry will also be available for sale at the dairy store on the farm at 2700 Berry Road.  Forestburg, Texas 76239.  For more information visit the farm’s website.

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