Surely it's no surprise that local north Texas farmers are suffering losses due to these August-like, season ending temps. It's been taking a toll on farms' early summer crops which are cratering due to the excessive heat and low water tables in their wells -forcing some farms to delay planting altogether. 
Here at Eden's I know we've suffered stunted crops, low production and have started fall planting - hoping for an early harvest. 
Comeback Creek reports an early harvest of eggplant and peppers - this is their kind of weather - and possibly some okra.  Tomatoes are hanging in there and Eden's may have some heirloom varieties to pass along as well as some heirloom carrots that finally got out of the ground and onions.  
Please support your local farmers however you can by checking out what produce/products they DO have available and filling in your menu around it. We may have to turn under and start over, but you can betcha, with your support, local farmers will be back.
Join us this Saturday morning from 8-noon. Load up the kids and the camera to come visit the chickens and ducks and meet the farmers and producers.
Every thing from fresh clean produce, grass fed naturally raised beef, fresh natural pork, scratch bakery goods, locally roasted organic coffees and more!!
(Sausage and link sausage is available through Texas Daily Harvest.  It is 5.50 lb. and comes in one pound vacuum seal. Order with your dairy please.)
So grab a sample cup of coffee, hot or iced, from Fresh Life Foods, a sweet treat from Bedford Bakery and enjoy a leisurely morning on the farm.
We hope you'll come see us at our down on the farm Market Day this Saturday morning for

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