Rita Zaslowsky – Guest Contributor
Oct 14 2013

Natural Grocers, in an effort to promote naturally raised and organic free range turkeys, is pleased to offer Mary's Free Range Turkeys once again this year.  Delicious, affordable and healthy!

These California raised turkeys come in 3 varieties: Mary's Free Range Turkey, Mary's Organic Turkey and Mary's Heritage Turkey.  Typical of all of Natural Grocers products, Mary's turkeys are of the highest quality. Leave it to Natural Grocers to select the very best for you!

The Free Range turkeys are vegetarian fed, gluten free, antibiotic, hormone and preservative free.  They have no animal by products.  The Organic turkeys are USDA certified organic. They have no animal by products, no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), no antibiotics, no pesticide treated grains, no grains grown with chemical fertilizers and no synthetic amino acids.

The Heritage turkey is based on the first breed of turkeys that existed in the United States.  They breed naturally, as well as run and fly!  These extra activities result in larger thigh meat, and slightly less breast meat than a typical turkey.  All of these traits result in a superior taste that takes less time to cook than a regular turkey!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Don't let it pass you by without including a Mary's delicious free range turkey on your holiday table.

Pre-order now at your favorite Natural Grocers stores. They always sell out fast!  A $5.00 deposit is required to reserve a bird; the deposit is applied to the purchase price.  Turkeys are normally available for pick up by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 

Preston Forest, 11661 Preston Rd., 214-987-0000

Casa Linda,  9440 Garland Rd Casa Linda Plaza, (214) 321-4777

Richardson, 7517 Campbell Road, (972) 735-9200

Denton,  110 West University Dr., (940) 387-1100

To order conveniently and safely, orders can also be placed through the Natural Grocers

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