The DFW Truck Farm trimmed the basil, set up the new solar powered drip irrigation system and took off for their first school visit this Fall season.  The little red truck slowly drove down FM 813 hoping the growing vegetables in the bed of the truck would survive the windy ride! 


DFW Truck Farm visited a group of children who get together for educational programs within their homeschool community.   Marilyn and Donelle taught the group of 15 about herbs and how to plant using the wet to wet planting method.  The children were able to sniff basil and rosemary plants, plant herbs in the grill on the back of the truck, and pick Malibar Spinach leaves off and sample them as a tasty healthy treat! 


When Marilyn teaches the wet to wet planting method, whether it is to adults or children, she teaches everyone to yell, “WATER IN THE HOLE!” This is a way to remember to fill the hole water so when the plant is transplanted the roots stay wet.  All morning long you could hear, “Water in the hole!” from the children.


After a lesson on herbs and wet to wet planting,  the children were given “goodie cups” to take home full of chocolate mint and basil, mammoth sunflower seeds, and a recipe for basil pesto.  Before the truck took off in the mid-morning heat, there were murmurs of excitement from the children talking about how “cool” the DFW Truck Farm was and how soon they would plant their sunflower seeds. 


The goals of the DFW Truck Farm are to educate, encourage, and emphasize to grow your own food and understand where your food comes from, today’s visit was a success.  If you want to check out what The Huffington Post called “the coolest urban agriculture project around” and have the DFW Truck Farm visit your classroom or event, contact Donelle Simmons at 214-842-2100. 



DFW Truck Farm is owned and operated by Garden Inspirations, visit for more information.   

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