Leon Smith of Keyhole Farm has generously donated one of his keyhole garden kits to Loving Garland Green for installation at the Garland Community Garden located at 4022 Naaman School Road here in Garland, Texas.  Keyhole Farm is located in Clifton (southwest about 2 hours from us).

Leon is currently getting ready for Dr. Deb Tolman’s* keyhole garden tour set for the end of the month. If anyone wants to see their gardens in person at other times, please let Leon know in advance of your approximate arrival time so that he will be sure to be around. Sometimes he is away running errands, etc. and would like to visit with guests.

His cell phone number is (254) 652-9483 and he can be e-mailed at

Here is an opportunity for a local Garland nursery:  Call Leon (be sure to tell him that Loving Garland Green and Eat Green DFW sent you) and tell him that you want to carry his hand-tooled Keyhole garden kits.



*Dr. Deb Tolman is one of the leading experts on Keyhole gardens.  She has more than 30 years’ experience in academic research and landscape design plus extensive training in the plant sciences, economics, and environmental education.



If you are interested in Dr. Deb's 2014 tour: 

Keyhole Garden Tour & Lecture 
Join us for a tour of 20 keyhole gardens in Bosque County. Tour will include:  #1) an entertaining and informative presentation by Dr. Deb at 2:30 at the Bosque Arts Center; #2) a special screening of the Keyhole Garden DVD at the recently-remodeled historic Cliftex theatre; and #3) a peek at the Silo Project. 
Maps and tickets will be distributed at the Citizens Bank the morning of the Tour.  Rain or Shine.                    
Friday, April 25th                    9:00 to 2:30                $40/person 

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