Supplies you need (in addition to leaves, grass cuttings and a little soil or compost): a bottle to mix and spray equal parts of Coca-Cola, beer and Ammonia. The GB sheriff elf and frogs are optional but a little magic couldn't hurt and might even help this process.  Note:  The elf has his fingers crossed behind his back.


I was talking to Gene Rodgers yesterday. (Gene is one of my neighbors, member of Loving Garland Green, husband of Margie, great inventor/tinker, green thumbsman and my endless resource for innovative garden improvements.  Gene is a retired mechanical engineer so just about all of his inventions turn out well.)

Gene is often telling me something I never heard of before and yesterday was no different.  He told of a process that he had learned about on the Internet to turn leaves, grass cuttings and vegetable scraps into compost in just two weeks.

Those of us who have managed compost piles in our yards over the years realize the full enormity of this claim.  Most compost piles take six months or more to convert to soil.  Even compost in tumblers will take two or three months.

Here is the process:

1. Spread a layer of dry leaves on the ground.

2.  Mix equal parts of coke, ammonia and beer in a spray bottle and spray over the dry leaves.

3. Spread a layer of green matter (grass clippings for example)

4.  Spray this layer with the concoction.

5. Spread a layer of compost or soil.

6. Spray this layer with the concoction.

7. Build as many layers as you like in this fashion.

8. When finished, cover the pile with a tarp.

9. Wait one week.  Then remove the cover and mix up the pile.

10 Cover the pile again and wait one more week and VOILA!  Compost!


 Below is a photo of my compost pile all covered.

Stay tuned.  We'll take a look next Wednesday, April 30.

Then the final viewing will be Wednesday, May 7.  At that time, providing the claims are true, we should have compost.

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