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There have many many questions raised by the appearance of our Garden Guardian down at the Garland Community Garden.  People are asking for more information and that's a good sign.

This morning we posted a sign "DETAILS" and put it beside a box that holds flyers with more detail regarding this October 29 event at the Garland Community Garden scheduled for 1 - 3 PM.

The event is being hosted by Loving Garland Green, a local nonprofit organization who are the official stewards of the Garland Community Garden.

This promises to be a great family event--all free but donations are welcome and it is suggested that those who are competing for the Monster prize each donate $5.  One prize of $100 will be given for the most creative monster.  No live monsters allowed.  This is not a Halloween costume contest.

There will be other events as well:  sweet potato harvesting and peanut harvesting; tours of the garden; a wildflower hill planting; free items from the garden which include, mint tea, lemongrass tea, bamboo tea, loofah sponges and free seeds.

It's a beautiful time to be in the garden as it is filled with butterflies of all shapes and sizes.



PARTICIPATE IN THE MONSTER BASH COMPETITION TO BE HELD IN THE GARLAND COMMUNITY GARDEN ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29.  1PM TO 3PM – Money raised from this event will go to Loving Garland Green’s scholarship fund for 2017.


  1. Open to all residents of Dallas and Collin County. (Except for members of Loving Garland Green and their families.)
  2. Ages 3 to 100
  3. Individuals and also nonprofit organizations in our community may enter the competition.
  4. A $5 donation is requested of those who enter the competition. This will assist Loving Garland Green in covering expenses for this event. (Although donations are welcome, admission to the event and its other activities and gifts is free and open to the public.)           


  • You may construct your monster elsewhere and bring it to the garden, or you may construct it on the grounds in the designated area as long as your monster is completed on or before 1 PM on October 29th when the event begins.
  • All monsters must be at least 3 feet tall.
  • No costumes on living people.  This is not a Halloween costume contest.
  • Monsters should be made from recycled materials and compostable organic materials.
  • Monsters may be left in the garden for folks passing by to enjoy.  On November 2 all monsters will be removed from the garden.  If you want your monster, you’ll have to collect it by 5PM on November 1.
  • Members of Loving Garland Green will judge entries with originality being the primary criteria.  Judges decision will be final.
  • Judging will take place on October 29 – 2:30 to 3:00.  Winner will be announced at 3 PM.
  • Only one prize of $100 will be awarded.



Garland Community Garden – 4055 Naaman School Road – Garland Texas 75040

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