Loving Garland Green's table at the Garland Live Well Health Expo 

We are excited about the annual Garland "Live Well--Go Green" health expo that will be held tomorrow on Saturday at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland from 9AM to 1PM.  This afternoon we set up our table which is near the front entrance of the Curtis Culwell center.  Our table features many interesting items that  all reflect our various urban agricultural activities in our local community.

  • Mesh cage with pupas and caterpillars of several types of butterflies.
  • A commercially built native bee house
  • A homemade native bee house
  • Handouts with information regarding the importance of pollinators and Mayor Athas' Monarch Pledge
  • An invitation to join Loving Garland Green at the downtown Garland Library on Monday evening September 26 for a Master Gardener Presentation:  "Fall is the Best Time to Garden"
  • An invitation to join Loving Garland Green on October 1 down at the Garland Community Garden to build a wildflower hill. (Loving Garland Green are the official stewards of the Garland Community Garden)
  • Handout with information about Loving Garland Green
  • Video with a live sample that shows visitors how to regrow the lettuce and other fresh produce you purchase from the grocery store
  • A pot with organic green pole beans growing in it.  We are helping the United Nations to celebrate 2016--The Year of Pulses.  Pulses are legumes that are dried beans and peas.  Pulses are a major source of protein for the majority of people on our planet.  After this event Loving Garland Green is donating the bean pot to Watson Tech Center here in Garland.
  • In addition to our informational handouts, our "Freebies" we are offering include Pollinators on a Stick and Magic Beans to plant.
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