We scored big time!  Loving Garland Green purchased over $1,500 Worth of Plants (115 large plants) to install in Butterfly Gardens at three of our local Garland Schools and also down at the Garland Community Garden.  AND we only paid $50 for them!


Charles Bevilacqua and Liz Berry, members of the board of Loving Garland Green pose with the Ford truck loaded down.  [We let Charlie have the Palm tree in return for the services of his truck and gas—otherwise we would not have chosen that plant for the community garden as it is not cold hardy.]


There are plant sales and then there are Covington Garden Plant sales!  This morning Nancy Seaberg, a member of Loving Garland Green called me to tell me that Covington Gardens was offering all the plants on their parking lot that you could load into your car or truck for $50.  Naturally we took Charlie’s ¾ ton truck. We purchased 115 plants—most of them in gallon or two-gallon pots.

I’m happy to say that we now have:  22 Salvia greggi in one-gallon pots; 4 Salvia Wendy’s Wish (Salvia hybrida); 4 Bicolor Sage Salvia (Salvia sinaloensis); 20 lantana (various varieties such as lemon, gold, confetti, and Texas Lantana horrida);  3 large blue salvia bushes in 2 gallon pots;  4 two-gallon Black and Bloom Salvia in two-gallon pots (these are normally $20 a pot or $80 just for these four plants); 1 coreopsis auriculata Nana; 3 Butterfly Bushes; 2 copper plants;  nine Pentas;  four Plumbago Escapade; two Beard-Tongues (penstemon digitalis); two golden globe evergreens; and  many other kinds of plants.



Nancy Seaberg, active member Loving Garland Green, poses by “Keep on Trucking” the Blue Ford Truck.  Thank you Nancy for calling us this morning!  We could not have afforded to pay full price for any more than about 5 of these plants—much less 115!  You have helped to make the planting of several butterfly gardens possible this fall!


The majority of the plants we chose this morning were chosen with the needs of butterflies in mind, and the overwhelming majority of these plants are perennials and natives, some of them are small shrubs—thus they will not need to be replanted year after year and most of them are highly drought tolerant.

Combined with the milkweed that many of us have in our yards and down at the Garland Community Garden, we will have enough plants to donate to create at least three butterfly gardens this fall at three of our Garland Schools:  Beaver Technology Center; Watson Technology Center; and North Garland High School.



Other Related Exciting Community Connections this week:  Sustainable Living, Students and Tiny Home Builds

On Thursday when Nancy Seaberg, Kevin Keeling and I were at North Garland High School to meet with members of the North Garland Key Club to assess possible locations for the butterfly garden(s) at their school, we were given contact information for Kurt Oakley, a registered architect and teacher at North Garland High School.  Kurt teaches a class there on sustainable living.  [View his curriculum vitae and you’ll see why Loving Garland Green is thrilled with this connection: ]

Kurt promptly responded to my email inviting him to work with Loving Garland Green and the North Garland High School Key Club on this project writing that he would be thrilled to work with us.

Kurt also wrote: 

In my architecture classes we will be designing a tiny house.  If I can get a 20'-0" trailer we would like to physically build the student design.  We have not yet found a donor for the trailer.

Any donors out there for a trailer to be used to further students knowledge of sustainable living?  I’m sure money would be accepted as well.  If you know of anyone who has money burning a hole in their pocket, please put them in touch with Kurt.

Here is Kurt’s contact information:

Kurt Ortley,

Registered Architect




Here is yet another connection to all this.  Elizabeth Dattomo, assistant to Mayor Athas, wrote to me just yesterday:  "We have a Garland Youth Council to which I am responsible for and if there are any projects we can do out at the garden, we would love to be involved.  This group is a 20-member board comprised of high school aged students appointed to serve the community by our Mayor and Council.  They are a great group of young leaders!”

We will be thinking up projects for this group of young people in our community as well.  Perhaps also they can work on the tiny home build with Kurt and his students.


Even dogs love plants.  Bubbles, the Loving Garland Green mascot, basks in the glory of Lantana.  She better not get too used to it, however, as this lantana is destined for public butterfly garden in our community--our schools and the Garland Community Garden!

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