Joel Blakley, teacher representative for the Key Club (back row left) and Charlie Bevilacqua, board member Loving Garland Green (back row second left) pose with some of the members of North Garland High School Key Club in front of a pile the cookie and fudge packages destined for Garland firemen on 9/11.  Other packages were already boxed and on their way to some of the Garland Fire Stations when this photo was taken.



Ten Pounds of Fudge and 350 Cookies went to our to Garland Firemen on 9/11—thanks to Members of the North Garland High School Key Club.

Charlie and I had the honor on behalf of Loving Garland Green to assist members of North Garland High School Key Club in baking 350 cookies after school on 9/11.  Actually, the honor belongs to Charlie who is an excellent dessert chef.  Since Loving Garland Green works together with the North Garland High School Key Club on our various projects, and since many of the Key Club members attend our meetings, they know first-hand how delicious the cookies are that Charlie sometimes makes for a treat at our Loving Garland Green meetings.

Sophia Tran, President of the North Garland Key Club, asked Charlie if he would come and show the students how to make cookies using one of his recipes.

Of course Charlie said yes.  He gave Sophia a list of ingredients for making the cookies.  But Charlie, who always goes the extra mile, made 10 pounds of fudge at his home the night before:  plain chocolate, with pecans, and mint chocolate—all delicious.  He said he enjoyed doing it because it was for a good cause.  We all appreciate our firemen and other first responders.

We met at the school and went to what we called the “Home Economics” room when I went to high school.  With five ovens and many busy members of the Key Club guided by Charlie, cookies were baked and the fudge was cut.  A delivery team with three vehicles made sure the cookies made it to the fire stations.

While some students were baking cookies, others were creating individual cookie/fudge baskets out of paper places.  One Key Club member, with beautiful handwriting, was carefully penning a thank you note to each fire station.

Other members were creating posters expressing their gratitude for all that our firemen do for our community.


These students are great!  They are smart and they care about their community and the people in it.  Loving Garland Green is honored to have the support of these students and in turn to support them in their projects.

The cookie baking event and gifting to our firemen on 9/11 was the students’ project.  They planned the event—from making arrangements for the kitchen, to purchasing the supplies, to managing the delivery logistics.

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