Elizabeth Berry, Loving Garland Green President, in the center holds the Creativity for Community award for Watson.  She is flanked on either side by two of the three teachers who assisted Watson’s second grade students in their participation in this event open to the community.

On Friday Loving Garland Green presented its first Creativity for Community Award.  It went to Watson MST Second Grade Students for their participation in the first annual Monster Bash at the Garland Community Garden.  The second graders were also awarded $100 as first prize for their three original entries in this event.  The students will pass their monetary reward forward by using it to purchase gifts for children in the community this holiday season.

The three Watson teachers who participated in this Loving Garland Green event were also acknowledged. Graciela Montoya, Jennifer Clements and Julie Witty were thanked for their dedication as teachers and given a certificate of appreciation for teaching children how to participate in a community event and guiding them in pooling their creativity to make a “never before thing.” 


Working together with others to create something entirely new is a great skill-building experience that can carry over to the student's life experiences as adults.  Building things together is also fun—whether it is a monster, a community garden, a city plan or perhaps even a new medical device that can save lives.  Working creatively together is a great skill to teach students.   In doing so they also learn firsthand the value and importance of compromise and cooperation.

Principal Chris Grey also participated in the ceremonies yesterday and honored the innovation and creativity of the Watson second grade students.  The Creativity for Community Award will be displayed in the school's trophy case.

Watson Technology Center for Math and Science offers access to innovative technology and a focus on math and science prepare students to be future leaders in emerging career fields. Project-Based Learning simulates the real world, with students working together to solve problems. Examples include: Water conservation, Sustainable good and services, and Cybersafety.

Community connections also help make experiences more meaningful and extend instruction beyond the classroom. Students regularly collaborate with college students, CEOs, city officials and more. 

Named an Apple Distinguished Program, Watson provides true 21st-century environments. Students use MacBooks, iPads, iPods, robots, Arduinos, and Makey Makeys daily. The technology is used in projects such as; iBook Author, iMovie, GarageBand, Audacity, blogging and podcasting creations. Because of wireless Internet throughout the campus, learning takes place in hallways, outdoors, or wherever inspiration strikes.

Loving Garland Green Has a History of Supporting Watson Students and Teachers

Members of Loving Garland Green have been supportive of the students and teachers at Watson almost since the very beginning of Loving Garland Green's Foundation.  About two years ago Loving Garland Green hosted a tour of the Garland Community Garden that included the entire Watson second grade. In May of 2016 we worked with Watson teachers, parents and students to create a hugelkultur in their schoolyard garden.  In addition to these activities, Loving Garland Green has donated olive trees and other plants for their garden and greenhouse.

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