I've been going through some of the donations for the upcoming Loving Garland Green end-of-the-year holiday yard sale tomorrow and the things I've seen!

Perhaps our most outstanding item for uniqueness, if not practicality is a wine cooler made by Philips.  It is brand new, still in the pristine box complete with instructions.  This wine cooler bucket flashes colors, has adjustable brightness, comes with a recharger base.  This item retails for $200 and Loving Garland Green has it listed on Craigslist for a mere $40.  If you have someone on your list who has almost everything, this may be the gift for them.

Been wondering how to be more chic?  Wonder no more!  Call 972-571-4497 and purchase this Philips Cooler while you can!  $200 value only $40!

Read what one satisfied customer had to say about this wine cooler:

This bottle cooler gets 5 stars based on it's quality, innovation and form. The cooler keeps wine chilled, and the ice in the bucket doesn't leave much or any condensation around the bucket. I didn't notice any sweating on the outside of the bucket, and even though the inside of the bucket was cold, the bucket itself on the outside was not too chilly to pick up. It's double insulated, and does a great job of keeping everything cold.

When you first receive it, you have to charge it up for 12 hours to get the battery fully charged and it can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It charges via wall outlet, and you simply place the bucket on the charging base. Nothing to snap in or connect, just set it and forget it on the stand to charge. You can use it while it is plugged in also. The controls are flush with the bucket, and you simply put your finger on the controls to choose your settings. Hand washing is recommend, and it CANNOT go in the dishwasher!!!

It's nice to have on the deck out in nice weather. I had it giving off a nice romantic light out back, while illuminating the wine and ice cubes. It has a center white LED to illuminate your wine, and multiple brightness settings. You can also set the white led to pulsate, or stay steady. You can also shut off the white middle LED if you choose. It also has 8 colored LEDS which can create a ton of other colors. You can also adjust the speed in which you want the color LEDs to change, or stop it at a particular color if you want. The LEDs barely emit any heat so no worries about the lights melting the ice cubes. This is one impressive "ice bucket".

Philips is the leader in these lighting style home products and most will complain about the price, but the technology is not cheap. This is definitely a "luxury" item, and if you have about $200 sitting around not knowing what to do with it, I would suggest you pick this up. The device does what it is supposed to do. It is elegantly shaped, and executed well. My favorite part about the device is the long battery life and the ease of charging.

Full disclosure, I received this from Amazon Vine, but if I had to pay $200 for it, I probably would not consider it. I give it 5 stars because it does everything it says it does, and has no flaws to me. Pricing is not considered a "flaw" in my opinion (since I am rating the product itself, and not the feasibility of the item), and did not affect my rating of the item. I absolutely love it though and it is a great conversation piece, especially at parties. Not too many people you know in life will have one of these in their homes. It is an exclusive item to own.


My second favorite item is a Yamaha Keyboard 

with great case and stand foot pedal, cables, etc.--mint condition

I just checked on EBay and saw where the exact model (also used) sold for $179. and that model said that it showed wear. This one is in like new condition. The $125 price is firm.



You don't have to rise at the crack of dawn as we absolutely will not begin selling until 11AM so you early birds can have plenty to time to go to other sales before stopping by 211 Kingsbridge Drive Garland Texas 75040.

Those who come to the sale will also have the opportunity to make a $12 donation to Loving Garland Green and receive a one-pound package of locally picked native pecans.


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