Don Featherstone and wife – Photo courtesy Plastics News

Pink Flamingo Day was declared in 2007 by Dean Mazzaralla, the mayor of Leominster, MA to honor the work of Don Featherstone, creator of the plastic lawn flamingo.

While working for plastic company Union Products, Featherstone — a trained sculptor– fashioned the pink bird in 1957 after spotting its real-life model in a National Geographic magazine. During the post-World War II era, the birds could be found in suburban yards across the country. In the 1960’s they were considered tasteless.  In 1972 they made a comeback following the debut of John Waters’, “Pink Flamingos” — a film that has little to do with pink flamingos.



Hosted by Garland Flamingo Neighbors

Garland Flamingo Neighbors are one of many of the growing neighborhood groups in Garland Texas who want to get to know their neighbors better and be more active on the local scene of our community.  Garland Flamingo Neighbors worked with our Garland Neighborhood Vitality Office to see that a Little Free Library was installed in the Garland Community Garden.  Flamingo Neighbors are the official stewards of the library.  We hope you’ll stop by the garden sometime this summer and check out a book! 


Date & Time:  June 23, 2017 

Call Ana Maria at 214-962-9674 for the time or arrive at 10AM and meet Robert!

Location:      2601 Kimberly Drive Garland TX



After flamingling at Ana Maria's we hope you'll stop by and see the Garland Community Garden at 4022 Naaman School Road too.  The garden has two or three plastic flamingos as well as several metal ones.

Let's FLAMINGLE on Pink Flamingo Day!!   

Decorate your front yard on June 23 with pink plastic flamingos in celebration. Or any other flamingo decor you have at hand.  I have flamingo ornaments on sale for $6.00.

Let's Celebrate PINK FLAMINGO DAY!!  Flamingos will be out with coffee, tea and cupcakes.

Our new City Council Robert Smith will be stopping by at 10am if you want to come meet him, stop by then.

Also, there will be several items for sale (t-shirts $20, jewelry and other small items by Sarah). 




District 8 in Garland Texas is a Happening Place with Involved Citizens!

Not only is it the location of the Garland Community Garden, Loving Garland Green, and the Flamingo Neighbors:  We have Robert Smith representing us on the City Council.  Come meet him tomorrow at 10AM.  You’ll see what I mean.  


An "Authentic" Pink Flamingo Shares Space in the Children's area with the Demented Bunny.

The pair keep watch over a small patch of corn yet undiscovered by the corn-demolishing beast that is devastating our larger corn patch on its nocturnal visits.  I keep hoping it will get full and stop.  Charlie thinks it's a family of either raccoons or opossums.

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