What's worse than a grandmother who shows you pictures of all her grandchildren?

Answer:  an enthusiastic gardener with garden photos

The Mini Butterfly Garden -- a new addition (2ft square and 18 inches deep)

We want to demonstrate that it is possible to have a butterfly garden in a small space.  Our demonstration box features two milkweeds (host plants for the eggs and caterpillars) and several flowers for nectar.


Coconut Mint (from 2014) and Lambs Ear in Background

The resident bluebirds now have a place to take a bath.  

To the left of the birdbath is the demonstration plot for the Blackland Prairie.  The home for the bluebirds is featured in the background near the riparian area.



And the decorative gourds keep growing!  Looks like we will be making bird houses in the fall.


Strawberries in the Garden

More Strawberries in the Garden

Three Sisters:  Corn, Squash and Beans

Snow peas ready to pick--I'll put on my rainboots later today and go harvest them.

Colby's tomatoes.  Look like they will still be green this weekend when he returns from his vacation.

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