Longest Day of the Year!

Summer Solstice is the day the sun reaches its apex resulting in the longest day of the year and the shortest night. That day this year is Sunday, June 21.  This day is said to be magical and spiritual to many countries and religions.

We are having a potluck down in the garden from 5pm to 8 pm and/or until dark for those who care to stay.  We won’t be having a bonfire, but there will be games, good food, good conversation and lots of fun.  Children are welcome.

Garland Community Garden 4022 Naaman School Road – Garland Texas.

Guests are requested to please bring their own non-alcoholic drink and a dish.


Summer solstice traditions center on the life-giving force of fire and light. Some countries such as Sweden light huge bonfires that glow into the night as a way to celebrate. The Midsummer fires came to be known as St. John’s fires (because John the Baptist was also conveniently born at the time of Summer solstice). Villagers gathered around the fires singing, dancing and chanting charms. As the fires burned through the night, people tended and watched over the leaping flames.

Swedish celebrations are the most elaborate. Large gatherings take place in towns and villages throughout Sweden. A time-honored menu of pickled herring, boiled new potatoes served with sour cream, red onions, and fresh dill, along with grilled seafood (such as salmon) is served. In-season strawberries swimming in cream make up the dessert.

I plan to bring pickled herring, some strawberries and some apples.



18th Century illustration of a Wickerman - but much smaller stick figures can be made from twigs and tossed into the fire.

The Tradition of the Wickerman

There are many different rituals associated with celebrating the Summer Solstice but the one most central to these celebrations is Wickerman who is represented as the King of Seasons.  Often effigies of the Wickerman are made and tossed into the bonfire to symbolize the passing of a season.

Toasting Immortality with the Wickerman
On the eve of the longest day of the year, twist together wooden branches into the shape of a man and place a piece of foil-wrapped bread inside it. Throw the man into a fiery pit, remove the toasted bread from the charred remains, distribute among friends and eat. 


Bring Mosquito Repellant

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