Here are a few of the North Garland High School Key Club Members who worked beside Loving Garland Green Members during our monthly garden cleanup effort.  There were other students from this group as well.  It usually works well to partner with other nonprofit when seeking labor for projects.  We assist the Key Club on many of their project and they assist us on our projects as well.  If you want enthusiasm and positive energy, there is nothing that fits the bill quite like a youth group.

This past Saturday (March 26, 2016) was a great day down at the garden.  As usual, the lessons I learned were many, but perhaps the most outstanding lesson was that a few people who care can make a real difference.  We had sixteen people who showed up to assist in tidying up the garden. The total man-hours I would estimate to be at about 48 hours--within a three-hour time period. It would have taken one person six 8-hour workdays to accomplish what we did.

People who participate do make a difference. In fact, people participating are more often than not the determining factor in the success or failure of any organization or human endeavor.

This past Saturday  was not without its learning experience.  Jane Stroud, biologist and also officer of our board, found the larvae of a lady bug and showed it to the students, explaining what it is.  Turns out that Jane had written a paper on the topic.  There are always lessons to be learned in the garden.  It's a wonderful place.

Jane Stroud - Secretary Loving Garland Green

Another lesson I learned follows along the lines of "if Muhammad won't come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Muhammad" -- or perhaps if you don't succeed on the first try, then approach from a different angle:  We had prepared a 20 minute presentation on pollinators for children ages 4 to 14 and the young at heart.  No one showed up for that presentation.  But we won't let those efforts go to waste.  We will offer these presentations at schools here in the Garland ISD and we will also offer it once again for our April last Saturday-of-the-month garden clean up.  


First Monarch Sighting at the Garland Community Garden--No, wait a minute!  That's Anita Opel Loving Garland Green's Treasurer.

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