Monarch Caterpillar Garland Texas November 14, 2015 - 216 East Kingsbridge 75040

Monarchs must really like Garland Texas!  

This morning I thought I would gather in the last of the seeds from the milkweeds in my garden before the rain.  To my surprise I found a small Monarch caterpillar!  He looked somewhat puny.  I broke off the stem and carefully brought him into my house.  He fell off the branch onto my concrete floor before I could get him into a Monarch Condo.  I thought the caterpillar was a goner for sure, but ever the optimist,  I picked it up and put it in the condo.  Then I went back to the garden to gather more seed.

Was I surprised to find three more Monarch caterpillars!  These are larger than the first one I found.  They are all now warm and snug in my dining room happily munching milkweed leaves.  I have all four of them in the same Monarch condo and will keep you posted on their progression to adulthood as best I can.  By the way, the runt survived.  He was probably lethargic from the cold this morning because after about 30 minutes in my house he is munching away at the milkweed.

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