Where else?  In Garland, Texas, of course!


Tango Bakery and Latino Ballroom | 2751 S. Garland Avenue | Garland, Texas 7541

I know already some might be thinking: “Garland” and “Gourmet” in the same sentence? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I thought that gourmet for Garland residents meant eating out at  Babes.

It’s high time folks started realizing that we like to mix it up in Garland—not unlike the way they mix things up in Austin, Texas and other cool places.  Yes we appreciate down-home cooking and we also walk on the fancy side with one-of-a-kind local places like Tango Bakery Designer Cakes/Latino Ballroom tucked away in surprising locations throughout our City.

I was going to wait until tomorrow so this post didn't overlap so much with the previous one, but to tell the truth, I couldn't wait to tell you about Tango Bakery and the Latino Ballroom!

Most wouldn’t expect a high-end place for food to be snuggled up in a long strip of used car businesses, but that is exactly where you will find Tango Bakery and Latino Ballroom.  Also the combo of a bakery and a ballroom is likely to produce a few down home "du-whuts?"--yet the ballroom and the bakery make perfect combo sense once you learn that the talented bakers who own Tango Bakery also cater wonderful dishes for private events--and what better place to hold the event than in their elegant ballroom, complete with chandeliers and fantastic linens.

Charlie and I have been driving past Tango Bakery for about two years on our way to Rohdes (my favorite local organic nursery in Garland) and sometimes to the Hollywood theater a little further down the road where they have the cheapest movies in town.  Just about every time we drive by the Tango Bakery and Latino Ballroom we make comments to each other about what it might look like inside this place nestled in between used car dealerships that line this section of Garland Road.  In fact, it turns out that Tango Bakery Designed Cakes/Latino Ballroom is indeed a repurposed used car dealership.

But if you think you will be visiting some tacky dirty cramped interior that serves up fried churros, you are in for a pleasant surprise from the moment you step inside this local business.  The décor could be described as “high end industrial loft” style with unexpected touches of whimsy.  The interior is as sophisticated as you might find in the funky Soho glam district in NYC.   It is so well done that at first I was a little disappointed because I thought that surely it must be some high-end franchise but no, it is truly, at least for the moment, a one-of-a-kind Garland local business.

Thus, if you don’t live in Garland and you want to see the Tango Bakery, you are going to have to visit Garland, Texas because like many things in our local-centric city, the Tango Bakery/Latino Ballroom is a one-of-a-kind place found only in our City. 

Although the Tango Bakery has been in business since 2008, they have been at their present location for two years.  After 25 years of experience in the field, Adrian Ross and Sergio Mendoza opened the doors to this high-end pastry bakery shop with an essence based on the creation of unique design cakes for all kinds of occasions.


2757 S. Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75041
Adrian Ross: 214.869.4857
Sergio Mendoza: 214.603.7431


There are many ways to tango with this great local Garland Business:  1) Visit the Tango Bakery and have one of their delicious desserts  2) Buy a dessert to take to the friend you left at home.  3) Reserve the beautiful Latino Ballroom for your next big event  4) Talk to Adrian about assistance in planning your event.  He can help you with everything--from choosing the theme to choosing the napkins.

If you are planning a holiday event, don't enlist the same old hotel ballroom and settle for rubber chicken.  Instead visit with Adrian and Sergio to see if you might do better--not only with the menu and venue but also the price.

Do it soon and make reservations if indeed you still can.   Last night when Charlie and I stopped by, there was an event in progress in the large ballroom so we didn’t get to peek in.  But I’m sure judging from the interior of their bakery space that it is imaginative and spectacular.

You will need to call Adrian and Sergio for details regarding reservations for the Latino Ballroom and all the great services they offer:  catering gourmet dinners; snacks; desserts.  Fine linens, dishes and silverware—decorating the ballroom according to the theme of your event and more.

Their bakery is a lovely place to sit down and have a wonderful dessert that will melt in your mouth.  I'm not kidding the cake I ate was the best cake I ever ate in my life and that includes my own homemade German chocolate cake AND the wonderful tiramisu cake made at Whole Foods.

Just take a look at some of their "help" they feature on their website.  How can you go wrong with an experienced staff like this?


And the last surprise?  Considering the serving size of the slices of cake, the prices are downright inexpensive--$4.00 each.  You’ll never have such delicious cake—not in Dallas, not in Plano, not even in Soho. Come on down to the used car strip of Garland and be cool with us weird Garland people—but don’t tell too many folks as we don’t want you to crowd the locals out.

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