Liz and Charlie, founding members of Loving Garland Green and creators of the Garland, Texas Monarch Photo Board – Garland Community Garden July 25, 2017

Send a Photo of Yourself as a Monarch to the Mayor!

Participate in the “Monarch Post Cards from the Garden” Project!

We hope that at least 1,000 Monarch post cards will be sent to Mayor Athas!

Join the fun as we ramp up for Monarch season in Garland, Texas. Visit the Garland Community Garden at 4022 Naaman School Road in between now and November 1st.  You will see our Monarch board in front of the garden. 


  1. Step right up, stick your head through the hole and have a friend snap your photo with their phone.
  2. Read the information on the back of the Monarch sign board and learn what the Mayors’ Monarch pledge is; why not only Monarchs, but all pollinators are important. Learn about the importance of establishing habitats for pollinators in your yard.
  3. Send Mayor Athas your picture and thoughts on Monarchs.  The Mayor’s email address is:  


Robert Opel, another founding member of Loving Garland Green, came down to the garden this evening to assist Charlie and me in setting up the sign.The back of the sign has information regarding the importance of the Monarch and all pollinators to human survival.--Garland Community Garden July 25, 2017

The Sign is installed at the Garland Community Garden!

At last!  This evening at about 8 PM we completed the Loving Garland Green Monarch face board project by pouring cedar mulch around the base of the sign.  The purpose of this project is to support Mayor Athas in his efforts to raise public awareness in Garland regarding the benefits and responsibilities of building/restoring habitats for pollinators within our urban ecosystem.   

Providing that our sign withstands the Texas weather, it will be in the garden from now until November 1 as this is roughly the time when it is possible to see Monarchs in the Garland Community Garden in the months that remain in 2017.  We saw our first Monarch in the garden this year during the first week in April  During the last week in April, on April 27, we released 7 Monarchs to the watchful amazement of 69 first graders from Beaver MST, one of our local Garland ISD schools.


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