What does Garland have in common with New York City?

Manhattan has their Central Park and the City of Garland has their Central Park.  Both are urban parks beloved by their residents.  The Central Park located in New York City (which now occupies 843 acres) opened to the public in the winter of 1858.

Our Central Park, established 90 years later in 1948 here in Garland, is located on fifty acres of land—a favorable comparison to the New York version when one considers number of residents per acre:  NYC has 8,538,000 residents and Garland has 234,943.  Thus NYC Central Park has 10,128 residents per acre of its Central Park compared to the maximum potential for only 4,698 residents per acre in the Garland Central Park.

In 2013, the Texas Recreation and Park Society designated the City of Garland’s Central Park as a Lone Star Legacy Park.  Designation as a Lone Star Legacy Park  is the highest honor in Texas that can be bestowed on a park.

Central Park was the first municipal park in Garland.  It was the location of the City’s first community center and swimming pool.  Central Park is also home to the first municipal tennis courts in our city that are still in use today.

Garland Central Park is Home to the Granger Recreation Center

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Bring the Family to Central Park (the one in Garland, Texas)

Family Night out – Saturday July 29

6 PM

Fun, Food, Fireworks

Featuring a Live Band—Downtown Fever

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