Monarch Face Board at the Garland Community Garden.  Beside it is the Monarch Maniacs Live Here yard sign. 

Pick up a Cool Yard Sign and Free Milkweed Seeds while they last!

(And while you are at it, stop by the Garland Community Garden, 4022 Naaman School Road, to see all our great pollinators busy at work.  You can also have a friend take a photograph of you as a monarch.  If you do, please send a copy to Mayor Athas at I know he would love to hear from you.

All 57 square miles of Garland is on a transformational path to becoming one giant habitat for pollinators. At the heart of this transformation is the leadership of our mayor, Douglas Athas.

In April, Mayor Athas presented the “Monarch Maniacs” initiative at a Dallas County Earth Day event. He was among mayors from cities across the state who took the National Wildlife Federation Mayor’s Monarch pledge in October 2015. Mayor Athas’ presentation won first prize and received a $5,500 grant for expenses associated with promoting the monarch butterfly and other pollinators in our community.

Learn more about the award by reading the press release here.   

The majority of the grant funds allowed for the purchase of 250 native Green Milkweed seed packets, the preferred perennial of monarch butterflies, and 250 yard signs that show support for bringing monarchs back to our community. These seeds will be dispersed throughout the community to allow residents to establish pollinator habitats in their yards, and participants will get a “Monarch Maniacs” sign to show they are contributing to the cause.

The remaining grant money will be used to promote the monarch butterfly at key community events, and assist groups such as Keep Garland Beautiful, Citizens Environmental and Neighborhood Committee (CENAC), and Loving Garland Green, to promote programs and community outreach. 

Create a Pollinator Habitat

Because of its beauty and elegance, the monarch butterfly, or Danaus plexippus, is the flagship species for all pollinators—from flies to bees.

Why should we care about monarchs and pollinators? Pollinators are critical to the continuation of life on the planet as they are responsible for one of every three bites of food we put in our mouths. Almost all species of pollinators are on the decline, primarily due to the destruction of their habitat through the relentless encroachment of urbanization and the misuse of pesticides. We need to make some space in our urban ecosystems for our pollinators.

The good news is it doesn’t take a lot of effort on our part. Creating pollinator habitats means we become better educated about some of their needs, such as food, water and nesting areas. As a reward for these efforts, we can continue to have food to put in our mouths and our yards will flourish with more flowers.

Join the Mission to Bring Back Monarchs

Participants will receive:
 - One seed packet of Green Milkweed (contains 10 seeds);
 - One 22-by-16 Monarch Maniacs yard sign (double-sided with stake); and
 - One information card with tips and tricks on how to plant your milkweed.

These items will be available for pickup at City Hall, 200 N. Fifth St. For more information about when to pick up your items, call the Office of the Mayor at 972-205-2400 or email

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