At the Garland MarketPlace on Saturday

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a member of the Garland Makerspace Discovery Team that is currently exploring potential sites and partnerships to bring forth a MakerSpace here in our City.  This is a dream that I’ve been writing to the City Council and the Mayor about since 2015. Other members of our team have also been talking about having a Garland MakerSpace for some time as well.   Several members of our team are members of the Dallas MakerSpace and thus they know first hand what great collaborative environments makerspaces can be for incubating new ideas and products and growing local economies.

We’ve identified what we believe to be the ideal centrally located to downtown site in Garland for a makerspace.  Because the property already has the unused buildings we need on the site, we envision the possibility of putting parts of the Garland MakerSpace in operation within a few weeks of gaining approval and of being able to hold classes early in the spring of 2018.  At the moment we are in the throes of preparing our presentation to decision makers for the use of this property. Thus neither approval nor rejection is cast in stone at the moment, but we on the Garland Makerspace Discovery Team have high hopes for our proposal.

With all this great impending possibility for our community on my mind, I stopped by the Garland Market Place on Saturday to see how my maker friends were doing and to take a straw poll of what they thought about a Garland MakerSpace.  With no exception, all the makers were excited about this great possibility.  I even engaged one Garland maker who wasn’t even a vendor.  People in Garland are excited and hopeful about the possibility of a MakerSpace in our community.



Local MarketPlaces and local MakerSpaces go hand-in-hand when it comes to their ability to grow local economies.  If you’ve been wondering where you might sell some of those cool things you make, call Kirk and reserve your space in the next Garland MarketPlace, which is scheduled for the first Saturday in October.


E-MAIL: Kirk.Eventive@Live.Com
PHONE: Tel: 469-275-9616


 Wood Carvings by Michael 


Michael Burk- Local Garland Artist and Wood Carver – September 16, 2017 Garland MarketPlace

I stopped in at Michael’s booth on Saturday to chat a few minutes.  Over the past few years he has been carving wood with the passion of a beaver and the skill of an artist. Until a few years ago Michael had not carved a single twig of wood. But that was before he had cancer and decided to make wood carving his therapy.  He began by making small wooden pull toys that he gave away to children in hospitals.  Michael became known as the “toy doctor.”  From the small wooden toys he graduated to larger pieces—most of which honor our native Americans.

When I asked him if he would be interested in teaching a woodcarving class at a Garland MakerSpace, Michael agreed immediately to volunteer.  Like other folks I talked with, he was excited at the possibility of makers being gathered under one roof.


Michael Burk
F.B. woodcarvingsbymichael



Gwyn's Pet Art 


Gwyn – a Garland maker who was visiting the Garland MarketPlace

Not all the makers I chatted with had a booth at the Garland MarketPlace but makers are people who are curious about other makers and what they are doing.  In part, it is this innate curiosity that drives their maker spirit.  Gwyn has a business venture called “Gwyn’s Pet Art.”  She specializes in pet portraits and artwork in pastel, pencil, watercolor, charcoal and colored pencil.  Like Michael Burk, Gwyn was excited too with news of a possibly eminent Garland Makerspace.  She also expressed an enthusiastic willingness to be part of a Garland MakerSpace and even teach classes there.

Contact Information for Gwyn




Steve Malloy Jewelry Designer –Garland MarketPlace Saturday September 16, 2017 

Steve is a Rockwall Jewelry artist.  Steve got to Texas as fast as he could by way of New York.  His work is lovely, and like all the other makers, Steve is eager to help us get a makerspace going in Garland.  


Southern Buttered and Whipped
Handcrafted Soap and Lotion


Mother and daughter team of a small family-owned and operated business in Garland, Texas—at the Garland Makerspace- September 16, 2017.

 Goat milk, one of the main ingredients for their cosmetic products, is known for its wonderful healing properties and it is great for acne, eczema, anti-aging, severe dry skin caused by diabetes or other health related reasons, stubborn dry skin patches, blemishes, also known for causing super soft baby like skin on all who use it. 

In fact this entire family business began with a search to find a better answer than steroids to treat a family member who has “chicken skin”-- Keratosis pilaris, which creates the appearance of gooseflesh, goose bumps, or chicken skin. 

Again, these two Garland makers, like those before them, were very excited about the news of a possible makerspace located right here in Garland Texas.

For more information about their great products, you can contact either Tara Rodriguez or Marta Ledesma.

Tara 214-577-4961

Marta  972-750-9014



Damien T. McDaniel – Local Freelance artist – along with the "originals" holding Damien's caricature of them at the Garland MarketPlace – September 16, 2017

Damien is a talented artist and I almost was able to obtain a caricature of myself for just a few dollars, but alas, Damien couldn’t take credit card payments.  In October I’ll be sure to bring some cash.  Damien is an illustrator, tattoo designer, creator of motion graphics, graphic design, caricature and portraiture.

Contact information:

Damien T. McDaniel



 Jebediah’s Pottery


Jeff Beatty, owner/operator of Jebediah’s Pottery – Garland Texas – Garland MarketPlace September 16, 2017

After retiring, Jeff returned to his real work that he started 40 years ago— ceramics:  throwing pots and more.  Today, Jeff, a member of the International Ceramic Artists Network, makes pottery all the day-long right here in Garland, Texas.  The bowl shown beside Jeff is one of his creations.  The leaf impression came straight from nature—a leaf pressed into the clay.  We are lucky because Jeff also was excited about the possibility of a MakerSpace in Garland and said that he would be happy to teach some classes.

Contact Information:

Jeff Beatty



Wallflower Greetings by Becky Browning


Becky Browning – card maker, artist, creative thinker, singer and more – Garland MarketPlace September 16, 2017

Becky and her husband Ed came to Garland by way of Austin Texas. Both are very intelligent, creative additions to our community.  Ed can play the guitar and cook like Julia Childs with a Texas twang.  If we are able to obtain the space for the Garland MakerSpace I’m hoping we can, Ed would love nothing better than to teach folks how to make some of his special dishes while Becky would be off somewhere in one of the classrooms teaching Garland residents how to make greeting cards and other artistic creations from paper.  At her booth on Saturday, Becky encouraged people, young and old to try their hand at making a card to take with them.  She had more than a few takers.  Ed and Becky are personal friends of mine for several years and both of them have told me to be sure and let them know of any assistance they can provide to further the establishment of a Garland MakerSpace.

VISIT SOME OF HER INTERNET SITES!  Better yet, meet Becky in person next month at the Garland MarketPlace down at the Garland Square.

Becky’s Stampin’ Up Store

Wallflower Greetings Website

Wallflower Greetings Facebook Page

YouTube ChannelWallflower Greetings YouTube Channel


 Mombot Creations


A Mombot Fairy Creation—complete with wings- Garland MarketPlace - September 16, 2017

I must have been momentarily distracted, as I don’t have a photo of Renee, maker/owner of Mobot in my files.  You’ll have to go in person on the first Saturday in October and meet her for yourself.  If you can’t wait, then all her contact information follows.

Mombot Creations was officially founded just a little over a year ago in July of 2016.  Renee makes tutu sets or dresses for any occasion:  baby shower gifts, birthday outfits, flower girl dresses, photo shoots, holidays, etc.  Like all her maker friends at the Garland MarketPlace, Rennee too was excited about the possibility of a Garland MakerSpace.


Renee Polhamus, Owner

Shorehaven Drive – Garland Texas


Facebook/Mombot Creations




Baking Buns Bakers/partners:  Holly Brewer (left) and Abigail Courtney (right)  Garland MarketPlace September 16, 2017

I succumbed twice to the temptations offered by Baking Buns.  Because they were next door to my friend Becky with the Wallflower Greetings Booth whom I helped set up, I purchased two cinnamon buns—one for me, and one for Becky. They were delicious.  Later in the afternoon I bought two loaves of date bread that I was planning to take to a potluck on Saturday (but ended up taking something else and hoarding the bread for myself).  All delicious!  And yes, these two young women were also happy to hear that we may soon have a Garland MakerSpace.


Abigail Courtney 213-535-2146
Holly Brewer 504-638-3078



Katie Hornsby, owner Kh2 Bakery, Garland Texas – September 16, 2017

I stopped by to chat a few moments with Katie and I’m happy to report that her bakery is doing a brisk business.  Katie’s creations are very creative and special.  For example, last month she featured “Elvis” cupcakes, which of course had bananas and peanut butter as their main ingredients.  Saturday’s new offering among all the other great selections was a sugar-free, gluten-free almond and cranberry cake which was delicious.  Katie loved the possibility of being in a Garland MakerSpace commercial kitchen teaching others the fine art of baking.


4621 Paradise Cove
Garland, TX 75043


 Ama’s Kitchen – PrizeWinnng jams and Jellies


Ama with her first-prize certificate from the 2017 Texas State Fair for her Lemon-Lavender Jelly – Garland MarketPlace September 16, 2017

Come to the Garland MarketPlace you can not only meet First Prize Winners, you can sample and purchase some of their great wares.  I had stopped by Ama’s booth last month and she told me she was entering her Lemon-Lavender jelly in the stiff competition of the Texas State Fair.  I was thrilled to see yesterday that Ama had taken first place at the fair.  Naturally she was all sold out of her Lemon-Lavender jelly so I was not able to replace the jar I purchased last month—lesson learned:  Get to the Garland MarketPlace early!


Ama’s Kitchen

923 W. Yellow Jacket Lane

Rockwall, TX 75087



 Charis Honey Farms


Bob Michel, local beekeeper and owner of Charis Honey Farms – Garland MarketPlace – September 16. 2017

Bob is among those makers who partner with nature to make their products.  He sells local honey that is raw, unfiltered and 100% pure. 

Last month Charlie and I tasted samples of Bob’s honey and the most wonderful of all to us was the Rockwall honey.  It is absolutely the best honey I ever remember eating and my father was a beekeeper too so I’ve had many samples over the years.  Rockwall honey is in a league by itself.

Yes of course we bought a jar of it.

That’s another great thing about MakerSpaces:  they provide a collaborative place where people and even organizations of local people can come together and combine know-how to make unexpected new things and share their knowledge with others.


Bob Michel

972-412-1861 (Home)

469-233-2870 (Cell)


Drippin’ Rhinestones
Custom Handmade Home Décor


Jimmy Clark has this to say about Drippin’ Rhinestones:  “We are a small family business specializing in handmade home decor. Everything you see at our booth or on our Facebook is handmade and cut by us. If you have an idea or want something customized, let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your order. “   Drippin’ Rhinestones is situated in nearby Mesquite. 

In addition to reverent crosses they also feature original creations that are less than reverent to hang on your wall. Regardless the content, they are all made with the skill and craftsmanship and of the professional artisan


Krystal Aguado  214-934-6019

Jimmy Clark  303-332-3195


Zen Tala


Stacey Smith of ZenTala – September 16 – Garland MarketPlace

Stacy Smith, who makes beautiful jewelry, was once again at the Garland MarketPlace.  I hope we will be able to get Stacey to teach some classes at the local Garland MakerSpace in the near future.  Her work is beautiful.


Call Stacey at 214-502-5673


Mich Geld Trading Company


Paul Himmelreich, Author and Owner of local Garland Mich Geld Trading Company – Garland MarketPlace – September 16, 2017

I stopped by to chat a few moments with Paul about his current project which is a book documenting all the lost towns of Dallas County.  Apparently over the years there have been over 200 towns within Dallas county that are no more.  However, if Paul is able to complete his ambition, they will be raised from the dust of obscurity to live once again between the pages of his book.

Like most makers, Paul is a fascinating person to chat with.  One can learn lot from these folks.  For example, last month Paul taught me all about Joe Craddock and the early pickle factory here in Garland that once stood in place of our current downtown post office.


PO BOX 494373 – Garland, Texas 75049


 Jazzy Junk


Aprons, Aprons and lots of other interesting items—all handmade by Deanna Ziniga.

Garland MarketPlace- Garland Texas September 16, 2017

Deanna, like most makers, is sustainable and self-sufficient.  She decided that she didn’t want her kids to have large school loans so she starting sewing aprons to help put them through school.  She lives nearby in east Dallas, recently moving to the area from San Antonio.  However despite the recent geographical change Deanna’s business had taken off fast—a lot of it due to her clever marketing.  Deanna is just one more great addition to a Garland MakerSpace.


Deanna J. Zuniga





Baby Violet, Christy, and Michael Funke -  The Bubba Funke James and Jellies Family!  Garland MarketPlace – September 17, 2017

Once again my friend Becky had a booth next door to this great maker family.  Michael has a new flaver of his spicy jelly to offer—Plum Jalapeno Jelly.  After sampling it, I had to purchase a jar.  It is fantastic, or as Michael, who is overly fond of the double entendre likes to say:  “It’s plum delicious.”  Michael and Christy are Garland makers.  He teaches fifth grade and Christy is a videographer for a Dallas company that offers safari photography tours.  Both Christy and Michael promised to assist in any way they can to help make the Garland MakerSpace a reality.



The best tamales you’ll ever eat!


Rachel selling Tamales Over Texas at the Garland MarketPlace September 16, 2017

Later in the afternoon I was hungry and Christy from Bubba Funke Jams and Jellies shared a tamale she had purchased at the MarketPlace.  That was it!  One taste and I knew I had to go purchase a dozen of them. I ran over to the Tamales Over Texas booth as fast as I could.

You too can meet the tamales in person at the Garland MarketPlace!  Tamales Over Texas is a gourmet tamale provider as well as provider of unique glazes, sauces, and salsas. They are currently researching shipping so stay tuned in to discover how you can receive tasty tamales without leaving the house! 

If ever a tamale could be called “healthy” it’s the ones from Tamales Over Texas.



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