One of Four Female Monarchs Released in the Garland Community Garden August 22, 2017  - These Monarchs were rescued as caterpillars on August 7, 2017 by Burgi Bartlett, Loving Garland Green Board member and adopted by Jane Stroud, President.


In addition to planting our fall gardens—at our homes and down at the Garland Community Garden—the next month of days are crammed with exciting activities for our organization and for Garland, Texas.  Among our many scheduled events for this time period, we also have two large haystacks donated to the Garland Community Garden by a Garland resident that we plan to have distributed throughout the garden by the end of September.  The third haystack we have in the back of the garden.  This one we will keep watered to discourage rodents taking up residence and we will allow it to decay into rich soil for the spring.

Normally we would not be using hay, as it tends to have a lot of seeds as compared to straw.  However, as this hay is extremely loose and dry and has been moved three times, most of its seeds have been left at its previous sites.  We will use it as mulch and to build new beds at the garden. 

Also, in between all these activities we hope to finish the installation of our drip irrigation system down at the Garden by the end of September.



Month-End Saturday Garden Workday:

August 26 - 8AM - Noon - Garland Community Garden - 4022 Naaman School Road

Members and the public are invited down to the garden at 4022 Naaman School Road to help us spruce up the Garland Community Garden.  Instead of pulling the grass in our beds, we will be laying down newspapers and cardboard and piling hay on top to smother the grass.  Come join us and see this technique in action.


Monarch Butterfly Event

Saturday September 2 - 9 to 11 AM - Garland Community Garden

We will be demonstrating how to net and tag Monarch Butterflies.  After that we will be headed to downtown Garland for the fabulous Garland MarketPlace.


Texas Day of Giving

Thursday September 7

[See home page of  for details]



LiveWell GoGreen Expo

Sept 23, 2017

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Starting at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., this annual community and Garland ISD family-friendly event will feature free health screenings, pet adoption, opportunities to donate & recycle, flu vaccines, safety and environmental exhibitors, giveaways and free activities for kids.  For questions about the Healthy Living Expo call 972-205 2191

Stop by the downtown Garland MarketPlace at 9 AM and then stop by the Healthy Living Expo when the morning sun heats up as the Culwell Center is air-conditioned.

NOTE:  Be sure to stop by Loving Garland Green’s booth at this event.  We will be giving away free packets of seeds and handmade loofah soap.

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