The Garland Public Blackboard

The Garland Youth Council engineered the creation of a public blackboard on the State Street side of the Garland Civic Theatre building at the corner of Fifth.

 Lucas Cervellini, a Garland resident who formerly taught art in Argentina, was the first artist to display his work on the blackboard.  Like life, the public blackboard will be in constant  transition as various forms of nature, including human beings and the weather interact with its surface.

The grassy space on the vacant lot that adjoins the blackboard will provide more space for the Saturday night gathering of musicians on the square.  And who do you think took this great photo of Lucas drawing on the blackboard?  It was none other than our Mayor Doug Athas.

If you are one of the many local Garland artists or artist wantobes, get on downtown and create your own work of art on this blackboard, but make sure to take a photo of it before you leave.

Start participating in your community now.  Love your place so that others can see how special it is.  Love is a magic that grows all kinds of beautiful gardens in the most unexpected places.


Speaking of Love and Loving Your Place and Supporting Your Community.  .  .

Remember to dine at the Firewheel Chipotle on Tuesday November 18 between 6 and 8 pm on Tuesday.

Tell the servers that you are there for the fundraiser and 50% of the price of your meal will go to the Garland Youth Council.

The mission of the City's Youth Council is to provide a forum which educates Garland's youth to the various workings of City business and allows youth to be a voice that addresses their particular ideas and concerns.  They are definitely worth supporting.

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