Okra is still blooming [November 11, 2022 -- Planted April 15, 2022


In part of my front yard I have a modified woodland garden with several peach trees serving to provide the forest canopy.  This year, because of our extreme heat, it has served well for the herbs, squash, peppers, lettuce and even tomatoes.  In the full sun of my front yard I have 10 buckets, each with an okra plant.  I planted  the seeds on April 15 and the plants have been producing okra since the last week of May--7 months now.

Two weeks ago I left on vacation and expected to return to  a spent garden but that did not happen. After returning today I toured my garden and as you can see from the photos, it is still producing!  I feel about my garden  in many ways the same way I felt about pets--those nurturing, protective, caring feelings   I was delighted to see it still thriving.  To celebrate, I harvested Okra and Jalapeno peppers for Charlie's and my dinner tonight.

Okra and jalapeno peppers harvested from my garden.

Many of the okra pods I harvested late this afternoon were too large for eating, but their seeds can be saved and planted next year.  Four of the pods measured 8 inches long and one inch in diameter--much too fibrous for easy digestion by a human.  In my opinion, the most delectable pods are 4 inches long and not more than 1/2 inch in diameter.

For dinner tonight  I made stuffed (with cream cheese) jalapeno peppers and bacon; roasted okra; and green peas.

The two smaller roasted Okra pods were delicious.  The two larger ones were not edible because they were too tough but I thought they deserved a try.  Beneath each slice of bacon is a roasted jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese.  Peas in the center finishes off the meal that was 50% from the garden.


Thai and Dill, nestled together. (I'll dry them soon and save their seed.). I like fresh dill in salads.


Oregano is still healthy and is also nestled with the Thai Basil and Dill.  I may bring this one into the house.

My Italian basil went nuts in my absence.  It smells so good!


The roman lettuce really surprised me.  I had twelve of them growing and before leaving for my vacation, I pulled all but two up and donated them to the Good Samaritan's food bank of Garland because I didn't think any would survive.  The two I left did quite well.  Tomorrow  I'll harvest some for a salad.

I have about 25 tomatoes in my garden and I will continue to spin the roulette wheel of first frost with them.  In my opinion a frost ruins the tomato--even one night of if.  So I let them vine ripen up to the last moment.

The asters are still blooming but they are beginning to look a bit ragged.

Cannas are a great and showy flower.  So amazing!  They require little care and bloom from May until the first frost AND being rhizome producers, they come back faithfully year after year!

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