12th eggplant from this 10 gallon container and still promising more with 23 blooms

As I mentioned in a previous post, I grew three of the best-tasting cantaloupes from a five gallon pot this summer.  You don't even have to spend a lot of money for a pot.  For example you can purchase a five gallon Homer bucket for five dollars or less, drill a few holes in it, fill it with some half-way decent soil and voila!  You have everything you need but the seed to grow just about anything--from tomatoes to eggplants.  If you wish to get fancy, you can cover the outside of the bucket with colored cotton fabric, using Elmers glue and then seal the covering.  You can even use the bucket for a mold and create many concrete pots for your garden.


Charlie's Container Garden

Poor Charlie.  Instead of soil he has a salt-water pool in his back yard.  Instead of grass, his back yard is flagstone. [Yes, it is a little difficult to muster up pity for someone with a salt water pool but I pretend to feel sorry for him.]

In the spring Charlie built several wooden containers and planted a great garden.  He just built some wooden frames, put them on top of the flagstone, filled them with dirt, and planted seeds.  Over Labor Day he broke his foot in a motorcycle accident.  Here in Texas, our two best growing seasons are spring and fall. In a moment of weakness, I took pity on Charlie and planted his fall garden (albeit a little late).

Below you can see photos of the garden I took this morning. It's a great example of just how successful a container garden can be.  This entire garden is a container garden.

The Big View of Charlie's Garden


Charlie's Tarragon



Charlie's radishes, peas and green beans  (Charlie is already eating the radishes.)


Charlie's Tomato and Chocolate Basil


Charlie's Brussel Sprouts, Onions and Marigolds

(By the way, did you know that the petals of marigolds are not only edible, they are also nutritious. Just cut the petals a little up from where they join to the hub and toss in a salad.)

I'm looking forward (and hoping) to see the brussel sprouts when they form as I've never seen a brussel sprout growing on the plant.


Charlie's Great Tomato Plants

Charlie has six tomato plants in his container garden.  Below you can see two of them on either end of the planter below.

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