Margie Rogers with a fake sweet potato root beard
Gunvant Patel (Pat) approves-- I think.


It’s already been two weeks since our great Sweet Potato/Luffa Harvesting event!  We now have about fifty pounds of sweet potatoes curing, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinners.

A few of the people at the Sweet Potato Harvest taking it easy while the rest of us dig potatoes 

For those who may not know:  After pulling sweet potatoes out of the ground (usually around Halloween) you must not wash them or handle them roughly at that time.  Instead, simply lightly brush most of the soil off each potato with your hand and store in a dark dry warm place for at least two weeks. During this time the potato cures and much of its starch is converted to sugar. After this time, you can rinse the dirt off, dry and store for up to 4 to 7 months.

If you don’t cure the sweet potato, it will have almost no taste--quite similar to the Hawaiian dish of poi which is made from tubers.


We are inviting the public to join us in sharing food items with those who are having economic challenges this season. In addition to about 50 pounds of sweet potatoes from the garden as well as fresh greens, we will also be collecting food items at the garden on this day .  These items will be transported to the Good Samaritans on Monday, November 15.

If you wonder what to bring, here is a list of items that a friend of mine made after asking people at a food shelter what they needed.


1. Powdered milk

2. Cans of food with pop top lid since some may not have a can opener

3. Cooking oil (small size)

4. Spices (especially those you get from takeout and don’t use)

5. Sugar

6. Fresh produce --especially fruit like apples and oranges

7. Canned fruit with pop top lids

8. Tuna (especially the kind that comes in individual packages)

9. Crackers

10. Butter and margarine

11. Stove top stuffing

12. Hamburger Helper

13. Dishwashing soap

14. Feminine hygiene products

Below is just part of our haul of sweet potatoes from the garden.  We have more but you can never have too many sweet potatoes for a Thanksgiving celebration so if you have some you want to donate, bring 'um on down!

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