Getting clean clothes is a challenge for the homeless.   [In Garland, the police talk with the homeless and help them out in small, but important ways such as telling them where to go to get food and other help from various agencies.]  Now the police of Garland are helping out the homeless in our community by distributing free clothing to them--clothing that has been provided by people in the community.


The Garland police have a drop off box in the lobby of their main station on Forest Lane.  You can go there and drop off clothing during business hours.  You can help the homeless in your community and you will also be contributing to building better community relationships between the police officers of our community and the homeless on our streets. We are all in this together. Being homeless is not a crime and it's good to see a police department who know this and are doing what they can to help the homeless in our community.

If you have clothing that you no longer need, drop it off at the lobby of the Garland Police Station during business hours. 

1891 Forest Ln, Garland, TX 75042
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