Loving Garland Green--Instead of a "chicken in every pot", we support a "garden on every lot."

Last night the planning committee for the Garland Urban Agricultural Center and Community Garden met and voted on the name for the nonprofit corporation we are forming.  We aim to strengthen and increase urban agriculture within the boundaries of Garland, Texas.  Thus, our goal is to increase the number of gardens and urban farmers within our city limits by providing a place for residents of all ages to come together and learn by doing.

The more urban farmers and gardens a municipality has, the healthier, more connected, safer, and more prosperous the residents will be.  Among many other exciting things planned for our website, we will initially ask all Garland residents with vegetable gardens to please register on our site and to submit photos whenever possible.  We will track and also list the new gardens as they are built and submitted to our site. The website will be a central place for residents to share triumphs and challenges they face as urban gardeners in our community.

The approximate 3-acre Garland Urban Agricultural Center and Community Garden, to be located at 4022 Naaman School Road, will provide spaces for Garland residents to grow produce and share a portion of it with other members of our community.  In addition, this location will offer many hands-on learning opportunities such as setting up rainwater harvesting systems; growing food using aquaponic technology; learning how to turn their own backyards into woodland gardens; mulching; composting; worms as friends; and yes, even beekeeping.  

a pot of marigolds from iflizwerequeen urban garden one - 11/08/2013
Note:  The petals of marigolds are nutritious and add a colorful surprise to almost any dish.  Be sure to cut them just above the place where they connect to center as that little white/green tip is somewhat bitter.


A popular garden plant, Marigold has exceptional healing powers and is used in many therapeutic disciplines, as its unique anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties promote rapid healing. This remarkable herb is multi-healing, both internally and externally. It lifts the spirits, relaxes spasms, it is a common first aid treatment for cuts, grazes, and scalds, and is particularly helpful for skin problems.  SOURCE

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