I imagine there's a whole lot of lottery jackpot dreaming going on this morning.  I saw that one of the jackpots has a cash value of  over a quarter of a billion dollars ($269 million) so I decided to dream a little.

Imagine not one but two rooftop gardens like this in downtown Garland:  One on top of our old hardware store and one on top of our new Makerspace building.


$40- $50 million dollars is donated for this project

1.  Makerspace is built on grass plot on square. (It will be a pretty building designed by Garland architects blending the styles of our new city hall with the styles of the older building around our square--two stories and there will be plenty of space left for parking and a picnic area with picnic benches and trees

[I know some people might not agree with me in regard to putting it on the grassy area on the east side of our square.  However I think it belongs there for many reasons.  First of all it anchors the east side of the square with a building.  Right now that space looks like what it is:  a place where a building was demolished--a vacant lot. The only thing it lacks is weeds.   Second of all a makerspace can be a hub for our community.  It belongs downtown and in a prominent space--not stuck off in some industrial park somewhere.]

  • Has gutters and a rain catchment system
  • Has a garden roof
  • Has a permeable parking lot with pots of edibles and flowers
  • Has an special area for Kid makers
  • Has a commercial kitchen
  • Has plenty of classroom and collaboration space

 [Note:  the Car bays; woodworking shop and welding area will be built on a side street off the square OR we might add a basement for these makers]

2.  The long-empty Hardware Store on Square is purchased and is turned into a MAKER supply store

All the profits from the sale of goods from this store will go to support the membership dues-free Garland Area Makerspace

  • During the time the makerspace is being built we might use half of this building for our maker headquarters perhaps.
  • The Maker Supply store will also have an urban garden roof

3. Another building on the square will also be purchased and will be used as a MAKER STORE.  This is a store reserved for selling only items made by Garland Makers.



Kindness "ROCKS"

6:30 PM tonight

North Garland Branch Library

3845 North Garland Avenue (in a strip mall)

Bring your favorite kid(s) to the library tonight for a special maker event hosted by our local librarians!  The children will be painting kindness messages on rocks.  They can take the rocks home with them and then place them somewhere in Garland.   


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