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1310 W Avenue F
Garland TX 75040  - Thursday Dec 21 - 7PM - Garland Central Park


The RAND Corporation developed the Delphi Technique for the US Department of Defense in the 1950’s.  It is a communications technique for consensus building by structuring the rules and parameters for discussion in such a way as to ensure the outcome of a decision that is in keeping with what the leaders of the meeting want.  It is done in such as way that those participating end up feeling like the decisions made were their own—when in fact, the decisions made were actually decided by those who structured the meeting.

There is yet another meeting tonight on the topic of the Dog and Skate Park being built in Garland’s Central Park.  This concept of a dog and skate park at Central Park is the mastermind of the Assistant City Manager Rick Vasquez and six City Council members—none who are park design experts, but all who have pushed the Garland Parks and Recreation staff into agreeing with them. (And who wouldn’t agree with those who directly and indirectly have the power to fire you?)

So what is expected to happen tonight?  First of all, this meeting was announced just a few days ago and only four days prior to Christmas on a Thursday night when many people will be busy with their last minute holiday preparations—cleaning the house for the relatives, buying last minute presents, packing for a trip home, etc.

It is rumored that at this meeting people in the audience will be given stars and asked to come up and place them on a map of Central Park in one of three areas where they would like to see the Dog and Skate Park.

The only problem with this plan is that literally hundreds of Garland citizens have said twice already that they do not want a Dog and Skate park located in Central Park—far more people than will be at that meeting tonight.  The people have already spoken and yet these six council members and Mr. Vasquez continue to refuse to listen.

The first time citizens spoke up about this was on an online petition back in October. Friends of Central Park placed the names of 213 people who at that time had signed this petition saying they did not want a dog and skate park at Central Park.  Yet six members of the Garland City Council (David Gibbons, Rich Aubin, BJ Williams, Scott LeMay, Anita Goebel and Robert Vera) ignored these people and went ahead and voted to demolish the armory to make way for a Dog and Skate Park.

The second time the citizens of Garland spoke out against a Dog and Skate park being located in Central Park, instead of 213 voices, we heard from 1,026 of them from District Two who voted to recall Anita Goebel in protest of her leading the motion to demolish the armory to make way for a dog and skate park.

If 1, 375 citizens against a dog and skate park are not enough, a year ago members of the Parks and Recreation Board did a study of Central park and created an advisory report against Central Park as a location for a dog and skate park that was presented to the City Council.  

Now these six city council members and Mr. Vasquez continue to act as if the people have said nothing.  Instead it appears they have structured a meeting to put words in our mouths to make it appear as if the majority approve of a dog and skate park in Central Park.

TO BE REMEMBERED:  Should even 30  or 40 people show up and willingly participate in this charade that number is not even one tenth of the number of citizens who have to date said:  NO DOG OR SKATE PARK IN CENTRAL PARK. 

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