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Deborah Morris

I wonder sometimes if Deborah Morris feels like she is a real kid in one of the many real adventures that she writes*.   Deborah is the Garland citizen who is leading the grass roots efforts of Friends of Central Park in their protest against six City Council members who want to locate a dog and skate park in Central Park against the wishes of over 1,000 citizens.

By the way, if you are a resident of Garland and are interested in these efforts, please attend the pubic meeting at the Granger Center in Central Park, Garland Texas.  Date: Thursday December 21 - Time:  7:00PM – 1310 W Avenue F.  Central Park belongs to all the citizens of Garland—not just those who live in District 2.  Experience local government from a front-row seat and meet Deborah Morris as well as other notable locals.  Start participating in your local government.  Who knows?  You might even decide to run for office.


Protest Is Not a Bad Thing!

There are some out there who say that all this protest is giving Garland a worse reputation than it already has.  I strongly disagree.  It is a huge plus and a healthy sign to have citizens participating in their local government.  Some say that Mayor Athas should not have said that he was going to resign.  I disagree.  If Mayor Athas had not called the public’s attention so dramatically to what was being done, it most likely would have fallen between the cracks unnoticed.  As far as his resigning and actually leaving office until he is replaced by a publically elected Mayor I sincerely hope that he doesn’t do that and leave our city in the hands of its current leadership. No doubt there are some on the City Council who would like nothing better.


Outstanding People Are Inspirations to Us All

Deborah is an inspirational person to be around—a leader and a talented, creative maker.   In fact, she has inspired me to write some stories on adult heroes from Garland Texas—perhaps a series on some of our Garland makers like Michael Burk. Proceeds from the sale of these stories could go to building our own Garland Makerspace.

Nothing says healing quite like gifts from the heart.  Until a few years ago Michael had not carved a single twig of wood. But that was before he had cancer and decided to make wood carving his therapy.  He began by making small wooden pull toys that he gave away to children in hospitals.  Michael became known as the “toy doctor.”  From the small wooden toys he graduated to larger pieces—most of which honor our Native Americans.


Michael Burk – Local Garland Woodcarver  - 806-401-4334


*Real Kids, Real Adventures based on Deborah’s stories, was a television series, which was nominated for the 2001 Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Children's Series", tells the stories of children who have taken bold action to save themselves or others, using their wits to survive life-and-death situations. These brave kids have faced the unexpected with courage and determination, and are able to successfully complete their expeditions and adventures.

To date, Deborah has written at least 52 books.  You can view the list at this link:

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