The unusual, new, and the familiar made their appearances.

Garland Texas is filled with makers.  Yesterday, August 4 was the first Saturday of the month and thus the Garland MarketPlace on the historic Garland Square and I got to renew old acquaintances and make some new ones. I was pleased to see that Garland was well represented among the makers who also came from other nearby communities such as Sachse, Rockwall, Mesquite and east Dallas.

Bron Kendrick with his pewter sculptures and Cowboy Bob books.

Now I know where to go when I get ready to learn more about mold making and greeting cards.  Bron who was born and raised in Kansas worked for Hallmark cards there for five years.  It was there that he learned all about casting pewter for small sculptures.  His children’s book is all about Cowboy Bob—a funny character who flies through the air and lands on the bad guys.  He is an inspiration showing how anyone can be a hero and not be perfect.  The ten stories in this little book written and illustrated by Bron have some history woven into them.  It is available on Amazon.

Bron Kendrick
Storybook Pewter


Edgar Limones, owner and creator of Dog’s Little House, with his wife and daughter.

Edgar designs and builds unusual doghouses.  If you think your dog deserves a doghouse that looks like Frank Lloyd Wright designed it, then Edgar is your man.  This craftsman and wood worker is located right here in Garland, Texas.  This was their first public event featuring their lovely wooden designs.

Dog’s Little House
Edgar Limones



Billee Curry, owner What a Gemstone Jewelry “inspired Jewelry of Light”

Billee is another new friend I made on Saturday.  She has been in business since 2009.  Her lovely jewelry features gemstones such as crystal quartz, aquamarine, turquoise, amethyst, garnet, apatite, carnelian, citrine, black onyx, black spinel, pearl, red coral and more.

What a Gemstone Jewelry
Inspired jewelry of Light



Bob Michel of Charis Honey Farms

Bob has been a regular at the Garland MarketPlace for a few years now.  I always make sure to stop by and chat with him.  His honey is locally gathered and wonderful.  Be sure to try it if you haven’t.  Bob mentioned that honey production is down a bit this season due in part to the drought—not good news for us honey lovers as we can expect to pay more for our honey this fall.  But that’s the good thing about the organic world—next year is always another story.

Charis Honey Farms
Bob Michel



Ama holding her latest creation--peach and lavender jelly.

Ama, who is a regular at the Garland MarketPlace, gets all the fruits for making her jams and jellies from our nearby farms.  For example, the peaches to make here latest creation came from Hamms orchard in Terrell, Texas.  Here jams and jellies are delicious.  Last year her lemon and lavender combination won first place at the Texas State Fair.  I saw some lovely crocheted potholders—a new addition to her product offerings.  Her mother made them.  Ama sells them for her mother’s “mad money.”

Ama’s Kitchen
Canned goods just like your Grandma’s



Teresa Diegel, Independent Chalk Couture Designer

There are various DIY companies cropping up all over now that are modeled somewhat after franchises.  A DIY creator like Teresa purchases supplies from these larger companies and then markets them locally at farmers markets such as the Garland Market Place by showing all the creative things that can be done with the products.  Chalk Couture is the company from which Teresa purchases her products to sell.  Their home décor creating products include Chalkology Paste, Chalk transfers, Chalkology Ink and special boards to applying the Chalkology products.

The end result of these designs looks like an artist has been at the blackboard.

Teresa Diegel



Sabria Davis amongst the Five-Dollar Bling

If you must have the bling and you don’t have the cash for a lot of it, then Sabria’s booth is the one to stop by.  She has a wide selection of costume jewelry from paparazzi and each piece is priced at only Five Dollars.  Paparazzi is another company like Chalk Couture who sell special product lines for others to creatively market.

Sabria Davis
Fabulously Yours by Bri
Paparazzi YoursByBri/



Dyetanya Williams with her two sons behind a display of DSherell soaps and bath products

Dyetanya has a wide array of soaps, scrubs, oils, deodorants and bath products—all made by her.  She hopes in a few years to have a storefront where people can watch the process for some of these products such as her soap in the making.

DSherell Bath Products
Dyetanya Williams



 Jeff Richter, a good advertisement for his product

Beard Commander has its headquarters in Waxahachie, Texas.  Their specialties include balms, oils, shampoos and conditioners for beards.  They have added a sideline of BC Seasons and Rubs.

Beard Commander
Jeff Richter
Balms Oils Shampoos and conditioners for beards
214-980-1133 BC Seasons and Rubs
BC Seasons and
Waxahachie, TX



Damien McDaniel Freelance Artist

Damien is another talented regular at the Garland MarketPlace.  He does all kinds of illustrations but at the MarketPlace Damien does excellent caricatures of the visitors.

Damien T. McDaniel
Freelance Artist
Caricatures, Graphic Design, Tattoo Design, Motion Graphics



Rocks N Mud is coming to the Internet soon.  They make unusual jewelry.  In fact, I purchased a necklace for a friend who has a birthday coming up.  It is a round pearl held in place by a dragon’s claw.  My friend is a fan of the TV show “Game of Thrones.”

For now if you want to find out where they will be next:



Gray’Z, Inc.

Who can resist a cheerful twosome like this?  Their homemade candles and air fresheners come in all kinds of aromas—from mulberry to latte; from crème Brulee to baby powder.

Aromas that drive you crazy



Always in a thumbs up mode, Michel Funke, founder of family run business, Bubba Funke Jelly ( is also a full time fifth-grade teacher.  His wife, Christy is a professional videographer.  Most often Christy is there helping Michel in the booth, but this Saturday was on a shoot in Los Angeles.  I eat Michel’s jalapeno cherry jelly almost daily on my toast but I learned that his spicy jellies can also be used as rubs on meats such as pork and chicken.


The Texas Salsa, the healthiest taco chips in Texas, had a booth at the Garland Area Market Place.



 Susanne Matthews and her granddaughter from Granny’s Gourmet (214) 809-9984

Granny’s Gourmet, a regular feature of the Garland MarketPlace features fantastic baked goods.  I had one of her individual lemon pies on Saturday and it was delicious.  If you want some special bread or pies for a party or family gathering, give Susanne a call.



Kirk Lovett


E-MAIL: Kirk.Eventive@Live.Com
PHONE: Tel: 469-275-9616

Get inspired!  Visit the Garland MarketPlace the first and third Saturday of the month and see entrepreneurs of all ages, shapes, colors, religions, and ethnic backgrounds taking action to make their dreams come true.   Learn first-hand from the people who are doing it.

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