Alice Offord, a youthful committed spirit, despite the cold, stands in support of her grandmother Suzanne’s booth - Granny’s Gourmet and Gifts.

A Day for Committed Spirits in North Texas

Today, with its early morning almost freezing drizzle, was the opening day of the Garland MarketPlace, held on the first and third Saturdays of the month from April through October at the downtown Garland square.  I blame it on the weather but I’m embarrassed to say that I totally forgot the opening day! 

You would think that since it’s only been about 10 days since I posted my readers a reminder of this event that I would have remembered . . . This time I’m blaming it on the weather--not old age or my overstuffed calendar.  It was so cold that we even cancelled our Loving Garland Green Plant sale that was to be held this morning. 

However, I was reminded by accident, as I was downtown this morning to attend a local candidate forum at Rosalind’s Coffee.  The music that is always part of our MarketPlace wafted across the street to my ears as I walked toward Rosalind’s.  I looked over and there I saw a group of seven booths. It was then that I remembered the importance of this day. Before going into Rosalind's I made a mental note to visit the MarketPlace after the meeting.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the sticklers and "against all odds" people who show up in spite of all common sense to the contrary.  In my mind these people are our heroes.


Among the Committed Spirits at the Opening Day for the Garland MarketPlace


Deborah Morris and Lori Dodson step off their campaign trail for a few minutes to show support for the makers and produce providers of our area.  They chat with Bradon and Chris, the two young men holding down the fort for Esperanza Farms today.  I purchased several golden apples and some squash from them.

Pinson & Cole’s Gourmet Pickles

They are loyal vendors at the Garland MarketPlace and have been featuring their marvelous pickles at the Garland Market Place for several years now.  I recommend a jar of their Mexican Habanero and Chilies pickles.  

CONTACT INFORMATION:     -    214-670- 2042  -

Ama’s Kitchen

I stopped in to say hello to Ama. Her wonderful Lemon/Lavender jelly has my highest recommendation. Ama’s skills have earned her blue ribbons at the Texas State Fair.  

CONTACT INFORMATION:   Ama’s Kitchen   -   923 W. Yellow Jacket Lane - Rockwall, TX 75087  - 770-378-5510

Velma Mae Vintage Designs

It was fun to chat with Julia Pitts briefly today. I was glad to see her there and know that her small business has survived yet another year, but I was sad to learn that she has moved to Forney.  Last year she was not only local, but she lived in my neighborhood. Julia is the perfect example of that old cliché:  If you want something done, ask a busy person.  Her booth is filled with hundreds of handmade items—all of which she has made—even more amazing when one considers that Julie has two school aged children and one two year old.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  -  214-998-1415

Dripping Rhinestones

Another great small business survivor was there today—Dripping Rhinestones.  Visit their Facebook for more information.  This little dad/daughter operation turn out lots of wall art AND they will custom make signs and wall art according to your specifications.

CONTACT INFORMATION:    Krystal Aguado  214-934-6019   -   Jimmy Clark  303-332-3195  -   -

Charis Honey Farms

Bob Michel sells local honey that is raw, unfiltered and 100% pure.  If you are among those who adhere to the notion that we need to store food for a long-lasting disaster, then honey should be on the top of your list as it lasts forever (until you eat it).  I’ve had Charis honey before and my favorite is their Rockwall honey.  It is absolutely the best honey I ever remember eating and my father was a beekeeper too so I’ve had many samples over the years.  Rockwall honey is in a league by itself.

CONTACT  Bob Michel  -  972-412-1861 (Home)   -  469-233-2870 (Cell)  -  -

A & J Produce

A newcomer to the Garland Marketplace:  A & J Produce are two young brothers (Jake and Austin Heddin) who are selling produce raised by their grandfather who owns Mill Creek Farms in Canton.


And Speaking of Committed Spirits . . . Let’s remember Kirk Lovett

Kirk and his company are the ones who organize MarketPlaces for communities in our area.  He is not only a committed spirit; he is also a responsible one.  Today because of the weather they decided to close early but I overheard Kirk talking to someone on his phone saying that he would be staying there until adults came to pick up the two teenagers who were manning one of the produce booths.

The Garland MarketPlace is like a river or a garden:  You can never step into the same Garland MarketPlace twice, which is one of several reasons why I try to go there every first and third Saturday.  It’s a different experience every time.  Many of the same vendors are there and I enjoy chatting with them. But there are always new folks to talk with too.  No two markets are ever exactly the same--even the ones held in the same city.

If you think the American Dream is dead, you need to visit the Garland MarketPlace.  It is alive with the energy of people who are “out there” with their talent and dreams on display in real time, local time.  Their entrepreneurial spirit, hope and courage are the raw material of our nation’s backbone.  You can see it all even if your eyes are half-shut at the Garland MarketPlace.

Get inspired!  Visit the Garland MarketPlace the first and third Saturday of the month and see entrepreneurs of all ages, shapes, colors, religions, and ethnic backgrounds taking action to make their dreams come true.   Learn first-hand from the people who are doing it.


E-MAIL: Kirk.Eventive@Live.Com
PHONE: Tel: 469-275-9616

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