Artie Moskowitz holding a prosthetic hand that he manufactured using a 3-D printer.  Artie has made over 50 of these hands for people all over the world.

I’m so excited!  Artie Moskowitz, owner of 3D Printer Farms, will be back to lead another class for Garland Area MakerSpace at our July 10th monthly meeting—at the North Branch of the Garland Texas Library.*

Back in May Artie demonstrated the ZMorph—desktop technology offered by his company that is capable of 3D printing; CNC machining; and laser cutting.  The Zmorph has lots of capability and even more safety features, making it ideal for use in libraries for classes for young students.

For the July class Artie will bring the plastic parts (made on the 3D printer) and he will teach the Garland makers how to assemble them into a prosthetic hand.  Artie has been making and assembling prosthetics for a nonprofit corporation that distributes them to people worldwide who might not otherwise afford them.  We will also learn more about this organization at this Garland Area MakerSpace meeting.



Measurements are taken from the person needing the prosthetic hand. These measurements and related drawings are then input into software such as Fusion 360 and the parts for the prosthetic hands are printed (joint by joint) on a 3D printer.  After printing (manufacture of the parts) the prosthesis is then assembled by hand.



*Garland Area Makerspace

Tuesday – July 10 – 7 PM

North Branch Garland Texas Library

3845 North Garland Avenue 75040

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